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Placing Intentions Towards Building Social Circles in Miami

I've got a confession to make...I'm pretty recluse for about 85% of the day.

Whenever I do socialize, it's an event that is planned and scheduled in advance.

My social life is as follows:

  1. Going to networking events in the afternoons 
  2. producing comedy events at night

That's it...

Now that I am in the middle of a sober experiment, I don't go out to have a drink on the weekends like I used to either, which was a great way to meet new people.

It's been like this for quite some time now.

On my free time I work online with my business projects and learn from a book or something. - I never knew I had the ability live like this. Responsibility has ruined my previous life and is making space towards a new one.

I say my previous life because a lifestyle is what you make of it over time, and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that we've had many lifestyle changes as we grow up...atleast I hope.

Your choices, decisions, preferences, ambitions etc. all add up to a lifestyle of choice. 

And, I've learned this after many years, who you socialize with places a big influence on that lifestyle.

With that being said, what if we created a lifestyle with a purpose, not only for ourselves, but who we choose to help create and share it with?

I'm not saying being picky with who you interact with, anyone is always welcome to socialize with me, but what if INTENTIONALLY we seek those that can share the benefits of a social circle.

A new way of going out and seeing how people's strengths, ambitions and blindspots can help benefit someone else you know.

And bringing them all together for a purpose that everyone can benefit from.

My Intentions Towards Creating Social Circles in Miami

It all comes down to intentions whenever you enter or start a social circle, (if you haven't read my previous blog on this matter, check it out here).

If I were to say it in a simple way, my intention would be: leveraging our lifestyles.

We are all different (Thank God!) and that's great news.

You may be someone that can help me figure something out, and vice versa.

I may know someone that can help you on that car issue, or an accountant that's great with numbers, or if you'd like to lose some gut I can have you meet this trainer that brings people together in Miami Beach.

The possibilities are endless once you've build social circles with intentions.

My question to you is...

What are some social circles that you'd love to be a part of?

Or better yet, what are the basics of beneficial social circles?

Here are some examples of beneficial social circles we should have on a basic fundamental level.

I mention these in the podcast:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Social and relationships
  4. Business and careers
  5. Lifestyle, development and learning
  6. Philanthropy

Health will have a social circle of gym trainers, athletes, nutritionists, dieticians etc.

Wealth will have financial advisors, bookkeepers and accountants, knowledgeable people in stocks and investing, real estate, asset management etc.

Social and relationships will be those specializing in get togethers, social events, relationship coaches, single, dating, marriage, etc.

Business and careers will be an accumulation of skill providers, entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, managerial roles, leadership etc.

Lifestyle, development, and learning are book clubs, religion, coaching, beliefs, masterminds, teachers, mentors etc.

Philanthropy are those affiliated with charities, honorable politicians, donors, environmentalists etc.

Is there anything missing here? I'm seeking some feedback on how we can leverage our lifestyles for all the members of MiamiNetworking.com to create it together.

Leave a comment below or send me an email manny@miaminetworking.com and let me know what's missing or if Im on the right track.

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