How Content Creates Connections in Miami

connections in Miami

As time and technology advances we accelerate towards new ways to stay in touch.

Communication becomes more and more convenient, and accessible.

But what happens when there's too much of it going on? 

What do you do in order to stay in a relationship with someone when so many things are pulling away their attention.

If you've witnessed the internet boom, mobile phone boom, and now the social media boom - you can see where the rubber meets the road in communication.

And its going faster!

I make this newsletter not only to stay in touch with you - I want to ignite that part of you that is a master connector with everyone you meet.

And sometimes you need ideas, and then the first step to take action towards achieving this critical skill in today's fast paced world.

Here are some videos, podcasts, and blog posts to get you started in the right direction...

The Weekly Miami Networking Newsletter

1. Interview with Lorena Tomasini from MALM Life and Health Insurance

In my life, I realized that being well protected of the "unknown" health conditions that are possible, can give you a sense of confidence.

Security allows you to have some peace of mind.

Decisions can be made better when you have a good plan in place. Especially one you don't mind paying premiums for.

However, there's a burden when it comes to choosing a health and life plan when you are self emplyed.

And that's when you don't have a good agent customizing one for you. 

A plan that fits you well, and is fairly priced for the necessities of where you are in life.

Lorena is more than just an agent, she is someone who has witnessed many "unknowns" occuring not only in her previous clients, but in her family.

And because of her story, she is well-versed in finding you a plan that you feel good being enrolled in.

To get in contact with Lorena and know more about her services, visit her website.

2. On Making Decisions Over Time

As a lifelong learner, I've discovered that the easier decisions can be made, the better the quality of your life can be.

Changes may throw off your intuition and wisdom, but always be aware that if you continue to acquire knowledge suitable to your needs, wisdom will fall into place.

Remember, you can't have knowledge without information, and you can't have wisdom without knowledge.

And in this over communicated world we live in, you have an abundance of information.

But just like a librarian, you have to know where every book is by discarding what doesn't belong in that shelf in the first place.

3. Speaking Of Books, Here's My First Book Review To Give You Powerful Insights On Creating Content

Exclusive Book Review Content Code By Mark Schaefer

Here's some good and bad news...

Bad news, your messages will more than likely be faded away by the bombardment of content on the internet, and it will only get more inundated.

The good news, nobody can be you.

So if you're the only you, capitalize on that. Now is the time for you to shine at your best.

And to do that, you need to be creative, consistent, credible and build trust through quality.

And there's no better to do that than by creating content. And not just any content, but the kind that you were meant to create.

Something fulfilling that once you create it, will live on forever on the internet.

I made this book review so you can get more insights on the book The Content Code by Mark Schaefer.

These insights combined with the information of the book will help you in igniting your internet activities so that it reaches customers now and into the future.

You'll most likely never see internet content the same way again.

And the quality of what you do online will be a system that you can optimize in your favor to achieve your online business goals.

This blog post is exclusive, and you can take a look at this knowledge if you join our Networker membership. Try it out for just $1.

To access the blog post, login, and click here.

4. Why You Should Know The Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

According to Robert Cialdini in his book Influence, people are twice as likely (if not more) to move away from the things they DON'T WANT instead of moving TOWARDS what they want.

Check out this coaching session I did this past week about how to differentiate between moving towards something and moving away from something.

Realzing this will show you what you can become based on your decision making.

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