Networking In Miami Pays More If You Don’t Focus On Selling

Networking In Miami

When Networking in Miami, it's Better to Focus on Potential Opportunities

We've seen it too often in networkers, people handing you their business cards before they even say hello.

There seems to be a sort of miscommunication when it comes to being in sales.

There's nothing worse than meeting someone claiming to be a professional and immediately jump into a conversation with the sole intent of selling something.

A professional salesperson knows that there is a specific criteria to meet before the topic of sales comes into play.

This is based solely on an explicit benefit stated by a potential customer.

If there is a problem to solve within your capabilities, a sales-pitch becomes a response to assist a friend.

“A person has integrity when there is no gap between intent and behavior…when he or she is whole, seamless, the same—inside and out. I call this “congruence.” And it is congruence—not compliance—that will ultimately create credibility and trust.” ~ Stephen MR Covey

Investing your time and energy in getting to know active people who are making an impact in your community and being involved in their journey, allows more potential opportunities to open up.

What are Potential Opportunities?

Money derived from transactions come from really good timing.

When a successful trade of value occurs, it almost seems like everything came into play at the right moment when things aligned just right.

A person sees an ad, calls you, the appointment is set where both parties agreed, a sense of rapport is built and your product or service resonates with what your customer needs.

But the most important factor among this alignment of great timing here is a need to be filled, and it just so happens you have the resources to fill it to the brim!

However, realistically these chances aren't so common, so you must maximize the chances of these opportunities to occur.

So networking in Miami often is really a great way to multiply your chances of gaining traction among the alignment of needs you can provide with your services.

A Good Reason Networking in Miami is so Popular

Diversity in Miami is growing very quickly.

Even more fortunate for professionals is the growing business environment among the diversity.

Getting to know people in all the booming industries of our city mixes and matches all skills, talents, personalities and capabilities into a big bingo wheel where your number can be called depending on how many people are waiting for you to hit their numbers.

Photographers, social media, lawyers, real estate, accounting, etc. everyone has a position where you can provide solutions.

Good Intentions Build Character, then Reputation

Your drives and motivations are the assets of your character.

If you invest the time to become the go-to person in your field based upon what your intentions are, you are positioning yourself as a professional to do business with in the longer term.

A reputation amongst your peers as an ethical, capable and trustworthy business person allows people to gravitate towards getting you sales whether from themselves or from people they know.

Problem Solving is the Most Valuable Skill

Everyone needs solutions and that's great news.

There are plenty of solutions still out there and you can be the person to make a difference.

Everyday is a new way to provide solutions, and every person you meet allows you to create a bridge to fulfill them.

Forming Allies Exponentially Increases Opportunities

Consistency in creating new connections and being a part of their ventures is like making investments in society.

This forms allies, tribes and attracts the people who support you in return.

Over time, the value you created for others will pay you back exponentially.

Being active and authentic in your intentions makes all the difference when networking in Miami.

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