Online Business Coaching

Connect With
An Audience
Of Potential Customers
That Are Waiting
To Find Your
Online Business 

You deserve to experience the freedom and independence of conducting an online business.

If you have a business idea or would like to grow your current online business, this service will remove your doubts and show you the next steps.

Whether it be psychological or technical, our online coaching packages are meant for aspiring entrepreneurs of all levels to achieve freedom pursuing their online endeavors.

Our relationship will be tailored to your individual needs.

We customize the mindsets, the tools, and the habits you must develop to optimize your business pursuits and assist you in communicating to your potential customers.


Online business is an ongoing discovery process that has changed, and will continue to change, many industries over time.

At a faster and faster pace, business owners are realizing online Marketing is no longer considered a career, but a critical skill entrepreneurs must understand to stay ahead of the curve.

It may be very challenging to keep track of all the details in order to automate your online business.

Most of the time, it's because there is so much information about the right and wrong ways to do it.

The secret is: there are many ways to do it!

However, discovering what it takes to run an effective online business can be time consuming and expensive - and you have an overwhelming burden to carry as you go through trial and error.

This is the reason most business owners quit, or even worse - not get started at all.


Clarity on what steps to take - is how you take action.

And with this coaching program, every step along the way will be uncovered.

Together, we're going to build momentum in your online business journey towards the goals you set up for yourself.

You will realize that every step you take will amount to greater and greater transitions until you transform your business.

Our coaching programs are designed for you to learn how to communicate to potential customers online.

Steps We'll Take During Our Meetings

Step 1: You are exactly where you need to be

No matter where you are, it is the right place to get started with your online business. During this step, we're going to identify where you are in your business, and where you want to go by lining up the options to reach your goals.

Step 2: defining the obstacles that gets you stuck

Whether it's stress, overwhelm, having too many options or tech issues - we are going to categorize it in a way to make it manageable. Once the obstacle is removed, you'll see it was never a problem in the first place!

Step 3: Clearing the way to get started

Congratulations! Reaching this step will mean you're showing up to win 80% of the battle! We'll be moving forward with your online business goals and setting up the tools and environment for online success.

Step 4: automate and build every step along the way

As we get to learn what is working for your business and what is not, together we'll build a system to make your growth happen on autopilot, by setting up habits and a strong business channel to communicate to your customers online.

Stress-free online business practices
[1 hr online business coaching]

Get around any obstacles you have getting your business online.

  • Untangle the overwhelm of online business.
  • Focused coaching to overcome any online obstacle.
  • Take control of your time and costs by streamlining your online operations.
  • Find ways to automate the mundane tasks of online business.
  • Learn the various ways to communicate with your customers online.
  • We meet conveniently online via Zoom.


all-in-one package to get your business idea online right now
[Website + coaching]

Simple, fast and effective solution to get started online. All-in-one solution to implement your business idea with a fully functioning website, content plan and 3 months of weekly coaching.

  • Fully functioning website included
  • Create a strong online foundation for your customers to find you.
  • Get to know all the tools available to implement your online business.
  • Content Creation Coaching Included.
  • Accountability to make sure you are on track with your content goals.
  • We meet conveniently online via Zoom.

3 Months Coaching + Fully Functioning Website 

Manny Garavito

Manny Garavito

Online business coach

Thanks for your interest in the online business coaching service.

Getting started with your business idea can seem overwhelming, but I am here to assure you its easier than you think when you have the right systems in place.

Way before I started coaching, I had a comfortable corporate job in banking during the daytime and started doing stand up comedy at night to free up my creative mind.

A few years ago, I dove head on into pursuing a comedy career and quit my day job.

I quickly discovered there was not a big enough industry in Miami to make comedy a stable career - so I started learning Digital Marketing and started a movement for comedy to thrive where I live.

Quickly, I dominated the industry and became the #1 comedy show producer in the city - all because I learned how to build an online business that attracted an audience of potential customers.

Among the years of getting started, I discovered little known facts about online marketing that many business owners ARE NOT using and jumpstarted over a DOZEN online projects, some from my clients and some from my own.

This is when I realized I can show what I've learned to passionate online entrpreneurs.

So they too can avoid the ongoing trials and tribulations of learning how to grow a business online.

You too can benefit from systematizing your online business by using the power of the internet and all of its tools.

This coaching package was designed to remove all the limiting beliefs you may have about getting started, and doing a more hands on approach to understanding the bigger picture of communicating to your potential customers online.

I look forward to working with you!