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Miami Networking Events

You don’t need much to make a networker beneficial for your business. The secret is the right environment and the right host to make authentic connections possible.

If you’re a business owner seeking to create relationships that flourish organically and get your value heard by the right people, join us this afternoon during our Happy Hour Network @redbarbrickell.

We are a casual group that helps business owners create connections, find opportunities and leverage your business.

We meet every Tuesday from 5-8pm and mix it up with local Brickell professionals at the Redbar.

To put it into perspective, let's elaborate these two key elements of how relationships can grow during our Miami Networking events.

The Right Environment

From my personal (and professional) networking experience, to really create the most value for you, a minimal group is important.

Averaging about 15-30 folks just so a round of getting to know the people in the room is possible in one evening.

You also want to have the time to speak to each attendee and get the opportunity to actually know them.

Apart from the size of the group, another important factor to setting up the right environment is the venue.

A nice ambiance, where walking is convenient as you make your way to meet one another. An intimate space sets the mood and calms the nerves after work so that a more relaxed and in control version of yourself is front and center when communicating with other.

Also, friendly bar staff where they are more than happy to serve your favorite drinks as you socialize with the group.

But most importantly, the drink specials! Redbar has some of the best Happy Hour specials ranging from dollar beers and discounted cocktails with an extended happy hour until 9PM!

The Right Host

Not to brag, but I think I make a pretty good business host.

I'll talk about myself in the third person and what I do in order to assure you and the remainder of the guests enjoy your networker and make it worth your time.

The first thing that makes a host special is their intentions during a networker.

What is being sought out primarily by all the attendees is getting and giving the right information.

Whether it be communicating the business and receiving.

So when a host has your best intentions in mind, their jobs become easier by tending that channel of communication among the participants in a casual manner.

Introducing you to the group and making you feel welcome.

Another great point to make is that the host keeps an eye out for opportunities for you.

One time a friend of mine was mentioning that they needed a business attorney to make sure their IP for an app was secure.

I kept that in mind and a few hours later a fellow attorney stepped into the bar, I immediately mentioned it to him and handed the app owner's business card to him and asked him to contact.

The app owner got his required documents that week.

These simple attention to details make the most of your experience because communication is exponentially delivered to everyone in attendance based on needs, products and services.

Soon we will be rolling out a monthly membership that propogates your business information to our attendees.

In the meantime, sign up to MiamiNetworking.com and talk about your business on our forums for great exposure and branding about what you offer! 

When you see the difference we present during any of our Miami networking events, you too can benefit greatly on how we can create a channel of value for your business!

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