The Miami Networking Difference

Miami Networking Difference

One of the biggest issues I've had in attending local Miami Networking events is how stuffy they can get.

Have you ever been in one of these events?

You can feel how draining it is to be critical in every interaction you encounter.

This is very exhausting for me. It felt as if the smallest trivial things were more important than coming face to face with the opportunities I was expecting to meet.

First impressions are important, but if that's all we're attempting to achieve we are putting a foot on the brakes towards meaningful relationships.

There is one major contributing factor that creates this kind of environment: the host/speaker of the event, or lack thereof.

If you are in an event where it just doesn't seem welcoming, or the speaker isn't doing the right things to break the ice and stir up the crowd, everyone just seems to cluster up and remain in their groups until the small talk comes around at the cheese table.

Here is where Miami Networking aims differentiate ourselves; we know how to have a good time and create an air of authenticity.

Our events actively look for hosts that can create a welcoming environment where you can be yourself.

We also approach our networking events in a more laid back and casual encounter.

This Is How Genuine Friendships Are Made.

Why not build that same camaraderie when it comes to people who establish business opportunities?

The next biggest issue when it comes to networking events may just be when you meet someone soliciting their services rather than approaching with a sense of contribution.

Believe me I've been there, and the difference between soliciting and contribution comes down to whether the people you meet are interested or not.

It's not just about being interested in your product or service, but the more dense characteristics of an individual.

Whether it be your personality, values, philosophy of life, success stories, what you represent, and how you represent it.

There are many ways to get your foot in the door to working with someone, the question is how do you know who will be interested in doing so?

That's another factor we intend to focus on, we will actively put a spotlight on your talents, skills, products and services that will match you towards the kinds of people that will be delighted to meet you!

We Will Have Professional Hosts And Create Meaningful Business Relationships In Miami.

Best of all, our Miami Networking events are featured in fun events all around the city, where you can get a drink, a bite to eat, and lounge settings to get the ideas flowing in a more effective manner around all the people you will meet.

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