Virtual Networking Events in Miami

Virtual Networking in Miami

Creating connections in Miami is now easier than ever.

In order to benefit the most from your network, an organization must form to facilitate the right people, the right information, and a space for collaborations to occur.

Virtual Networking Events

We will have ongoing events online where we will build communities based off of interests and industries.

These events will have various topics as a whole, but individually will cover one at a time with a group of people.

These virtual networking events will facilitate focused conversations through presentations and break out rooms to meet and further the conversations.

Upon the end of every virtual event, each attendee will benefit from meeting new people (both locally and nationally) as well as having a better understanding about the topic.

The virtual networking events will be held on Zoom calls and will be hosted by different people to convene the conversations and materials presented.

Experts will also have the ability to present and interact with the attendees, allowing you to have them as contacts as well.


The Miami Networking website will have groups bringing together the communities based off of interests, skills, and industries.

These groups will be managed by hosts who are in our network.

These groups will hold their own events and organize the information presented to its attendees.

This way multiple events can be presented at the same time and the website will be more organized and interactive.


There are 3 memberships and one mastermind currently on Miami Networking.

Joining these memberships grant you access to functions and promotions based off your objectives and interests.

For example, the Networker membership event allows you to access our premium workshops and networking events without having to pay for its admissions.

This will also grant a big discount in comparison to the one time payment, and allows you to access multiple events to explore.

Secondly, the Host membership grants the user to create groups and events on our website and communities.

It also allows the user to have Miami Networking and all its promotional efforts to convene groups by providing channels to promote, a group function, access to our networking events, and access to add events to our events calendar.

Thirdly, the Sponsorship membership grants a user (or business) to have links and logos placed on our website.

This will allow our members to become familiar with the message of the company to see its main supporter(s).

This will allow the use or. company to have great promotional abilities, offer its services, and have great SEO visibility with backlinks on MiamiNetworking.com.

Lastly, The Miami Marketing Mastermind is available for business owners who understand the power of Digital Marketing.

This membership will give an exclusive link to join in on Mastermind Discussions to grow your business with the help of other locals and experts.

If purchased with an annual discount, a website is also included to out Mastermind members.

If any of these services interests you, leave us a comment below or send us an email.

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