Predicting the Future of Miami

Predicting the Future of Miami

The thing about predicting the future is that if you're wrong, you can just say it was speculation, but if you're right...well then, what's your secret?

The answer is speculation.

As I get older, I'm beginning to read into things and piece them together for a more detailed version of what may happen, in this case predicting the future of Miami.

As I'm writing this, we are currently in quarantine because of the coronavirus, and a brave new world of business is being spoken about by many.

However, everything is still vague, which causes more reasons to speculate. 

Everyone speculates one way or another...

About when the quarantine in Miami will be over, the business trends that are coming, and how to be a part of these vague new trends.

To shed some light into the dark void, I recently started a Mastermind Group for those seeking more information on Digital Marketing, because it's a sure bet it ain't going away anytime soon.

In the process of gathering the information needed that will benefit its members, I am looking into what some of the available information is saying about where our city is headed.

Here are some things I'd like to share with you that's available

This is the information about our great city, and how it causes me to speculate about the Future of Miami.

Miami Is Getting an Influx of Population Growth

Whether it's warm weather, hospitality, or nightlife, something about Miami has caused a growth in population. 

And it's growing quite fast.

According to a recent statistical study, Miami has been titled the second fastest growing large city in the country.

In 2019, website Wallethub has researched the 2018 Census and concluded that Miami is booming with new residents.

And it shows - just take a drive in the traffic and witness these statistical findings for yourself!

Experts agree that Miami will reach more and more different levels of a "Global City" status.

Meaning, more and more people will move and contribute into the emerging growth that Miami is currently embarking.

It may already be happening! According to the authors of the book The Global Edge, the Latino American economy is supported by all the business owners conducting business globally while living in Miami.

Writer and journalist, TD Allman wrote a book that gave Miami the definition of A City Of The Future. 

Written 25 years ago and re-released recently because it still holds true according to the author.

Miami Businesses Have Boomed

Miami inspires plenty of business ventures.

On a recent study according Forbes from Biz2Credits national rankings, Miami rose as the top city (from 3rd place to FIRST place) for business growth in 2019!

Beating New York (considered the capital of the world), Biz2Credit's analyzer crunches revenue, credit scores, debt to income, taxes and much more data to conclude the fertile business opportunities stemming in Miami.

Because of its diverse economy, many are setting their sights in start ups in the Magic City and its already on the rise by many!

Booming population, booming business...what can go wrong?

The Big Gap Between The Haves and Have Nots

Because of the rising popularity of Miami, housing is becoming an expensive problem.

60% of Miami residents spend more than 30% of their income on housing.

Ranking Miami the 3rd least affordable city in the country! According to an inequality report by Richard Florida.

"What Miami has is a crisis of its own success" - Richard Florida

The middle class is being squeezed more and more into the rat race of just paying bills to make a living in the Magic City.

With fewer in the middle class, Miami is creating an overwhelming split polarization between the rich and the poor.

The Gap Between Education and Income

As I continued this speculative research, I though let me see how the education system is around here, - must be bad, right!

And to my surprise we are ranked one of the highest percentages of education systems in the ENTIRE NATION!

Not just Florida, we're talking about out of all the counties in the USA.

Both our high education such as colleges and universities contributed to Florida being #1 in all of the nation, and low education such as public schools and community colleges to be ranked among top 10.

And yet with these facts presented: the boom in population, the boom in business, the prestige in education...

The median household income for Miami is about 40k - 60k according to various available statistics.

Why can't we seem to be prosperous?

What's the divide here?

The Emerging Opportunities In Miami

The gap between education and income is rearing the ugly truth in Miami.

I've always felt that the education systems have failed us from allowing the average person to see bigger and better opportunities in a general sense.

And now, according to this research, that truth is being presented right here in our very own city.

I'm a testament to how it all plays out when it comes to graduation....

With a Bachelors degree in Marketing from a prestigious school here, and coming from a median income household.

The only way I was able to grow a successful business was to leave a comfy corporate job to pursue it.

The traditional education showed me how to work for someone, my continued private education showed me how to work for myself.

"A traditional education proves to others you can do it, a personal education proves to yourself you can do it" - Manny Garavito

Through expensive trials and tribulations of making something out of nothing, it's true that experiential learning is the best kind to really understand something and change.

I learned Digital Marketing by implementation of struggle and it has changed my life.

The opportunity being presented here is to be able to focus more on a personal education in order to thrive in the economic changes that Miami is going through.

Because transformation here is becoming more and more apparent.

You can see buildings on the rise and the statistics of national numbers.

And now with the quarantine currently in effect, I can only imagine what's next once it's over.

Now's the Time to Make a Difference in Miami

There's a fast-paced opportunity coming to the locals who are actively seeking to make a difference.

If you are one of these individuals who have a calling to contribute towards the direction of where Miami is headed...

I invite you to join our free virtual networking event called: Meet the Makers of Miami on Sunday May 24th.

On this day, from Noon til 5PM we will introduce you to other difference-makers in Miami, we will share useful information, and we will find opportunities through collaboration.

Click below to register to this one-of-a-kind virtual
Miami Networking event.


Virtual Networking Event For Difference-Makers in Miami

Sunday May 24th Noon til 5PM

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