How To Be A Morning Person

How to Become A Morning Person

Being a morning person has its benefits, especially when it comes to creating, maintaining and optimizing a business. Because, well...there's more time in our day.

But how do we become one?

I've been a former morning person however I must admit I've deviated in the past year.

Unfortunately I run many events throughout the week, and they are all in the late hours of the evening.

Over the past few months, my sleeping hours have been slipping later into the day.

9am became 10am, then 11am became 12pm.

When I started to slip into the afternoons, I knew I must reset the sleeping cycle.

I don't know about you, but it's very easy for me to slip into a slumber even after many attempts of having an alarm clock.

Until I learned an important factor:

Motion Becomes Energy

I've tried waking up and walking across the room to turn off the alarm, but its easy to walk right back and jump back in the sack.

But there was a moment of being awake, so I started doubling down...

A Tall Cold Glass Of Water

After many hours of sleeping, dehydration must be happening inside of you.

A (shockingly) cold glass of water doesn't take much effort.

Now you are multiplying the motion of moving to the kitchen. We're on a roll.

Brush Your Teeth

It's obvious I know.

But bear with me here.

What I'm trying to implement on this writing is the time you're buying to stay awake doing the basics.

And the more motion you take while doing the basics, the more momentum you're carrying with motion.

Sliding a toothbrush back and forth, gargling rinsing, looking at your face in the mirror with the light hitting your eyes, all this is adding to peak where you can actually begin to awaken.

Shower And Get Dressed

Kudos if you can get exercise in this phase. But I want to keep it simple and more accessible to people working towards waking up early.

Another obvious one I know. But I tend to drift off into a more relaxed yet mindful state in the shower.

And the wetness may double as a waking factor.

Getting dressed, is the best indicator of being ready. You can't do anything without being dressed. Haha.

Win Beforehand By Setting Expectations The Night Before

This is a last but not least.

Remember when you were a kid and you were looking forward to the first day of school or Christmas?

Well, this is a great motivating factor when it comes to going to bed.

When you wake up, this opportunity will be the first thing to drive you out of bed.

Afterall, you can't be a morning person without doing the basics above!

What I Miss The Most About Being A Morning Person


When you have free time, and you are mindful in it, you can't help but become more productive.

Performance is the reward of a long timeline of productivity.

Like one domino dropping another, causing a chain reaction of outcomes that are in your favor.

And the more time you have, the more you're willing to make these opportunities happen.


Reacting to everything happening TO you is not a way to live.

Assertiveness will be your biggest strength in challenging the world to your bidding.

The ability to say I'm going to live my way is what leads to a more fulfilling life.

Less Distractions

This is one of my favorite things about life.

I think all these come together if you were less distracted by the things that don't deter you from what you want.

For example, I have the whole house to myself in the morning. And there is no one online or posting on social media.

I can plan my day in advance. And since I do marketing for a living, lay out a content plan for the remainder of the day, or even the entire week in about 2-3 hours.


This is the overall outcome that makes it all worth it.

The momentum of prolonged satisfaction is pleasing to have by your side as you move into your endeavors.

Being able to look back in your day, and every hour is accounted for.

I remember this was a fantastic feeling. The day felt like 3 days in one and it was a long adventurous day.

The Hard Part: Changing

Habits are rough to get going in your head.

Motivation can make you feel like you can make a change overnight.

But the real challenge will always be to implement the new ways into your old.

And to hope you have the willpower to make the new person have more strength than the current you to make the change over time.

They say it takes 30-60 days for a change to be facilitated into your life.

The first 10 days are the hardest.

Sticking to it is the hard part. But once you have momentum going the friction gets less and less.

I recommend you set your sights on how much easier the new habit will be before you set your sights on the change itself.

Because 1 day will become 2 and so on...

And before you know it. You are now the new you. Bright eyed, and early making moves.

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