Double Your Productivity By Doing Less

Be more productive while doing less

One of the biggest misinformation when it comes to "time management" is the title itself. If you can go past this, you too will realize that you can double your productivity by doing less.

I work on a computer all day, and all I would ever run into are distractions on the internet, or a buzz on my phone.

Then I came across a quote that really changed the whole game for me: 

Time Management is a misnomer, the real challenge is to manage ourselves. - Stephen Covey

So I hit the ground running and put my phone on airplane mode and set a timer for one hour.

For this entire hour I am going to focus on getting one major chunk of work done.

After a while I started getting the hang of it, and tried upping it up to 2 hours.

Then after getting so much complete I started taking 30-45 minutes off realizing I did a days work solely by managing my inner butterfly and getting the stuff done.

We have insurance to protect ourselves from bad things happening to us, why don't we have insurance about protecting our time?

I'm sure you will agree it is our most precious asset.

Imagine an entire lifespan where you have chunks of time blocked out and got the critical stuff done.

Your ROI in life would be huge. Haha.

How to double your productivity by doing less

Find out what the most critical components are to your business tasks. Make a list of it.

Primarily, I would circle the ones that have a direct source to generating an income.

For me, those tasks include building a product and marketing it. However, this can be a different task for you and what your business offers.

These critical tasks are like dominos that gets the momentum going into your business.

The rest of the tasks, primarily the mundane ones, I would research into delegating, find a virtual assistant, an intern, or someone you can mentor to look under the hood of your business.

Lastly, I would make more time for yourself to relax and recharge.

Seriously take more time off to get stuff done when you return. It kind of gives you a whole better perspective.

Focusing for me is like having a muscle that can get strained if used for too long. Only when you recharge it by relaxation can you optimize your capacity and optimize the results.

Best of all, you can use different focus muscles by doing different things that can benefit you.

For example, if you wrote an entire marketing campaign for a week in two hours; close your laptop and go for a walk.

Switch it up and let that side of your mind recharge; so when you get back to it you can keep a flow of the momentum your building.

A great read that also helped me understand how to acknowledge your capacity of willpower is the book The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

I invite you to check this book out and let me know what systems you put in place to get the most leverage in your business! Leave a comment below to share.

Side note: I also am a strong believer that the biggest domino drop for momentum is being a morning person, if you haven't done so, here is a blog I wrote about my journey in making it possible. It's easier than you think!

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