Chasing Fame Prevents You From Being Known

Being Famous and being known

Knowing the difference between being famous and being known will make your content more relatable to your audience.

This blog post is in reference to our upcoming virtual networker and workshop.

We call them celebrities and influencers. Where they managed to reach a level of fame and become an "authority" of some sort.

They post content that causes waves of attention and it appears as if any product, promotion, or project becomes a success.

Seeing this kind of activity may cause you to not want to get started in creating content.

This kind of popularity may prevent you from being known for what you do - and that's a shame because you have just as much to offer, perhaps even more, to the people in your community, industry, friends etc.

In this blog post, I'm going to help you discern between being famous and being known.

Because as you create content from the ground up, you can enjoy the journey of making an impact one person at a time instead of in droves.

This may even be more fulfilling because you are personally affecting the lives of people who read your content.

And once you begin to tell the difference between these distinct titles of status online, you can begin posting content in a way that can save you time and money.

Because you'll gain a more comprehensive way of creating relationships with what you post online.

Know The Difference Between Being Famous And Being Known

As a shortcut to this blog, I'll get right to the point.

Whenever you meet someone new, and whether they become acquaintances or friends, they may not fully comprehend what you do.

Or the details about it.

They may say something like, oh, he makes websites.

She's an accountant.

But they won't know how you personally learned how to become a WordPress website genius, or how you assist business owners to increase the revenue on their balance sheets.

According to the book Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout, there are these "ladders" in the mind of people that determines your relevancy in a specific business category.

Some are ranked higher than others based on various concepts such as branding, service, competency etc.

But the most important way to place yourself on the highest rung is to be known for what you do in a way that they can comprehend.

And what's best about those who know you personally is they are more inclined to place you there based off of your relationship.

How To Become Known

Right now at this very moment, some of the most important activities you can do online is creating content that connects.

Not only because there are more people online more than ever before, but because this content lasts by preservation.

You can have content living forever on the internet to easily become accessed by someone in the future.

Picture content as little pieces of territory that become a digital asset. The more you create, the more territory you cover.

Content clarifies and includes your relationships in what you do.

You create a level of trust, credibility, accessibility and most importantly it makes your business social.

They call it social media for a reason - so use that to your advantage to create relationships!

Being Known Gives You Quality Referrals

If your immediate social circle begins to comprehend what you do, how you do it, the kinds of customers you prefer etc. the more likely they will refer potential customers to you.

Because if you are top of mind, and they see a match with some THEY'VE met you now have the ability to transfer the message of you and your business through others.

This is high leverage communication!

Content polishes any doubts into 30 second elevator pitches that transfers from one person to another.

And it becomes a win-win, because it deepens the relationships of those that come across the content.

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