Your Attitude Determines Who You Interact With

Your Attitude Determines Who You Interact With

Who you interact with is in direct correlation of your attitude.

Ever been around someone that lifts your spirits, allows you to feel like your best self, and creates a space you feel you can add more to?

On the other side, ever been around anyone draining, and exhausting, where you can't wait to get out of the conversation?

I believe this is a result of attitude, and it's what welcomes or pushes away potential friends and opportunities.

And attitude is a communication method, conscious or unconscious about what you show for others to see.

It's a pretty good look about how someone feels inside, or how much control they have of it.

Before we begin let's take a look at a basic definition of what attitude is: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

Now for the purpose of this blog, be mindful of your attitude to network with the right people.

Attitude is an Inner and Outer Game

Staying in control with your attitude is taxing and relieving at the same time.l

Because if you are aware about how you feel and step beside yourself to see where that state of mind can take you, you've already won half the battle.

So if you're in a good mood, you can show it and actively send that message to others.

But we're also human, and if we're in a bad mood, we still have a decision if we would want to telegraph that to others or not.

Your mood and your attitude towards it is somewhat like a social responsibility, because it affects others.

You have a decision to make about how you want people to feel after they've interacted with you.

There are days where this effort can take up energy.

The willpower of being in tune to your bad mood and acting against it, may be very taxing.

But thats in the short term, the long term is not making bad decisions everytime it comes around.

I'd like to focus on the outer game for the sake of those you interact with, but to name a few things you can do to balance a bad mood:

  • Be honest about it with others (very disarming tactic)
  • Avoid making important decisions
  • Be in touch with your mood and act accordingly
  • Mindfulness
  • Taking responsibility

What we want to highlight here is how eliciting the best in others with your enthusiasm will make or break your social circle.

Always keep that in mind, you have the ability to use your attitude for great results and status.

Another point to make is how your overall outlook and behaviors are actively create or change your reality.

Not much of the spiritual type, but I do know that the proof is in the details of everything you do over a prolonged period of time, and being in touch with delivering a great attitude directly corresponds with those who want to be around it.

Attitude is a Chain Reaction

How you come off will bring other people into different states, and that sends off a catalyst to the others.

Imagine getting angry at a co-worker and they feel your negativity, it impacts them and brings their energy levels down and they take it out on their children.

Or if you disrespect an employee and they tell the new guy all these awful things about their bosses and now there's a guy you just hired who thinks badly of you because of one bad occassion.

You attitude is a chain reaction, and yes, it will come around.

When you have full control of your attitude you have the power amplify the chain reaction or cut it.

Consider a good attitude as an investment for long term social success, the way you come off will always be remembered one way or another.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Who You Interact with Constantly Builds a Culture of Attitude

The culture is essentially a curated attitude from the top to the bottom and all around.

I remember working for a company that hired me as a temporary independent salesman during a talks about an acquisition.

The owner was a hot head and will do anything to seal the deal.

Most of the staff was new to the company because the core team was him and a handful of developers.

It was a high paying job for everyone there, and he would call people into his office and really emote to them, and some would walk out sobbing because they felt their jobs were at stake.

It was a subtly abusive environment to work in, and I noticed it immediately as an outsider looking in.

I would meet my sales quota for the day and move to the lunchroom and realized that all the staff members were always gossiping, chatting and slandering the work environment.

Long story short, everyone left at the same time to make a statement.

It was a statement to the company that the person at the top was building a bad culture simply because of his attitude.

I never found out if that acquisition happened or not...

The people you want a relationship with and how they act towards you is all based out of your attitude.

A culture of beliefs and values begins with attitudes because its a representation of that authenticity, intentions, honesty, and morals.

Attitude is where your place in the world will derive, so be very aware of it.

A Good Attitude is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Society as a Whole.

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way."- Viktor Frankl
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