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This blog is dedicated to the creative entrepreneurs of Miami that are aware of how important their content is to build relationships online.

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Useful Content Builds A Digital Bridge Between You And Your Customers

Everybody is inside on the internet everyday. And I'd bet a majority of us are seeking answers.

It's human nature to pursue bigger endeavors that benefit us - and once we get them, on to the next!

Benefits like solutions, quick fixes, and novelty can be delivered faster than ever before.

A new book, a new friend, a new event is just a click away.

With all these options available to us at our fingertips - it's your time to stand out.

And when I say stand out, I'm not saying in a sense of "look at me, look at me" kinda way.

You want your offered solutions to become accessible "just in time".

Here's an example of just in time inquiries:

I need a new shirt, *searches* with flamingo imprints *refines search*, free shipping *filters* and good reviews *clicks on feedback* - ah there it is.

When you create content you are multiplying these inquiries to your favor if you have all these information gaps filled in.

But where you have the upper hand is that it's not just the information you have to offer, it's the warm connection to establish a relationship.

Oh wow, I recognize the person wearing that shirt on this photo!

If You Get Caught Up With What Others Are Doing, Your Content Will Be Less Effective

If you attempt to match up and play catch up with all the "trends" and "hacks" to get the attention of people you are missing out on building relationships.

There is no shortcut to trust, especially online, it is built over time.

Pleasing many for intangible results: likes, follows, reactions, shares and feedbacks - these won't deepen the relationships you already have.

Don't take them for granted.

However, if you have an archive of content that others can review upon meeting you - you can gain relationship leverage because your work speaks for itself for anyone using the internet to get to know you better.

While we're on this topic, it's also important to note that if you attempt to become famous with content, you most likely won't be known to the people you already know.

To more in depth on the difference between being famous and being known, check out this blog post.

If you'd like to get to the main point on this blog post, we are highlighting the emotional element of content.

Everything you create and post online can either deepen a relationship or deter them from happening.

Because content elicits feelings...it is a concept that is sent from one person to another to be discovered and related to.

Creating content is like writing a message in a bottle and sending it off to the digital sea we call the web.

And whenever someone finds it, it has a name and return address to return a message.

If you would like to create deeper relationships online with your online content, join us on our upcoming virtual networking event and workshop.

Together we can make it easier for you to show everyone in your network your creative capabilities to communicate your services online.

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