3 Important Things You Can Benefit From Our Virtual Networking Event This Sunday

Virtual Networking Event

The virtual economy is dawning on business owners faster and faster these days.

During the last several weeks, I've been piecing together important skills from various sources on how we can all productively use content for online businesses.

I'm also in the process of recording brand new ecourse for our Miami Networker members titled Content that Connects - the source information is coming directly from this event!

This event will be an archive of ideas to gain insights on how these essential forms of content creations can be applied to just about any industry we're in.

So whether you are an attorney, a realtor, a coach, or an ecommerce business owner - getting down to the essence of what online content is intended for, the more effective you will be in communicating your business solutions.

And these skills can be used in any form of online content - whether it be newsletters, blogs, podcasts, or events.

These ideas are the many ways on how I was able to grow an online audience for my online businesses organically.

If you're proactively seeking to turn your passion and creativity into content that connects with people online here are some important things we will be discussing this Sunday September 27th from Noon til 5PM.

1. Learn How To Communicate Online

There are many different ways to communicate online.

We each have different communication skills, but an important one to master is clarity.

Clarity sounds simpler than it really is.

But when you get the hang of it, you really begin to ramp up results because you leave little room for miscommunication to set in.

During our virtual event we are going to go over some of the common mistakes on trying to get your message across online. 

We will go over how to convert messages into simple to read headlines that motivates people to read your content thoroughly.

How to create relevant messages by asking yourself a few simple questions while you're planning out your content ideas.

What we're going to achieve here is how to get you to understand your virtual voice.

The same way performers and singers need to practice, is the same way we as business owners need to practice, in order for this natural way of speaking to be shared online as well!

2. How To Create Online Relationships

It's no secret that the internet is full of information, but what still remains a secret is what makes us to interact and engage with only a fraction of it.

During our virtual networking event we are going to find what makes us invest our attention to content. And how this can be applied to the content you create for your customers.

We'll be learning how to create digital emotions, and how to establish or deepen relationships by providing favorable feelings to our prospective clients with our content.

We're also going over how to create an audience or a community by facilitating content that they want to interact with and engage - naturally.

You can also expect the different ways to share your story online so that people will be more inclined to relate to you and why you are in business.

3. Create More Online Customers

Ultimately, what we're learning together as a group is our specific ways to create customers online. 

Customers don't just happen. Unless there is a relationship happening.

it is an interaction and a form of trust that is mutual between two people.

If you can communicate the intricate ways of a welcoming message to build a relationship with customers online, you are on your way to understanding what it takes to grow an online business.

If you're the kind of person that values relationship building, because you are aware of how important that is in business - especially now during our transition to a virtual economy...

Then you're invited to partake on the discussions we'll be having this Sunday, September 27th from noon til 5pm.

During this event you'll also be networking with other like-minded creative entrepreneurs in Miami who are actively seeking to grow their businesses online.

To register for this FREE event and receive the Zoom link, click here.

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