4 Functions Of A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Four Functions for a strong digital marketing strategy

There's lots of information on the internet about what it takes to build a strong digital marketing strategy.

It's all cluttered online however, you've got videos, tutorials, tools, methods, campaigns, words, designs, ad services etc.

It can be difficult in finding out exactly what you should do online to bring customers to your business.

But there's one thing you have to do in order to really get started on this journey of discovering what will really make your business scale with all your online options.

Always have compassion for those you are in business for.

Once you have that notion, of always caring about getting your product or service to a customer in order for them to better themselves - nothing can stop you from doing so.

You have to get that feeling that if your intended customers are not benefitting with what you have to offer, you are doing them a disservice - you're already headed in the right direction.

So whether you look into social media ads, SEO, blogging, video, photography or any other marketing avenue - compassion is what will drive you into figuring it out.

Everyone has different ways to be successful in digital marketing, all you have to do is get in in with your customers in mind.

And compassion is how you will...

Here's a basic framework to figure out your strong digital marketing strategy that will be suitable for you, your business, your market and your customers.

Building Your Online Foundation

You have to be discoverable. And the more ways of being discovered the better chances of it happening.

The basics include an online website, and a preferred social media presence.

If you are just getting started, I recommend focusing on putting your presence in one social media channel at a time.

Build a google profile, get on the yellow pages, add previous clients as friends etc. Anything that sets you up to have a solid online foundation will make you credible and be easily discovered when the time comes for your customers to benefit from your products and services.

Creating Quality Content

Next up is creating the kind of content that makes your customer take action.

From a like, to a share, to a skim through or a click. Any action towards the content you put out will drive traffic to your online foundation and verify what your business is all about.

The more passion you place into your content the more depth it will have in activating action from your intended customers.

Usually creating quality content requires some deep work, but once you do it right, and begin doing it repeatedly, you are maximizing the perceived value, credibility, reliability, intimacy and authority in your industry.

Feedback, Measuring and Experimenting

See what works and what doesn't and do more of what works.

This requires lots of attention to what people are saying about your business, the people, the product and the content.

Experiment often, pivot everything if needed, and measure what is working.

It's like calibrating the north star on your compass and head to the direction once it points in the right way.

This function of digital marketing allows you to align where you want your company to go with what your customers want while you're headed there.

This requires talking about their solutions and desired results, and go as far as assisting them in avoiding what they don't want - then ramp up the communication once you have these customer preferences figured out.

Optimizing And Automating

Now that you've figured out the preferred way potential customers would like to be communicated to, you can only make it better from there.

On one hand you can automate what already works.

A weekly podcast, a social media post on Monday, a newsletter on friday keep doing that because as they say consistency is key.

And if you'd like to be known, delivering expected value on time is essential in keeping your potential customers engaged until they're ready to buy!

Automate the entire process of whats working so that you don't fail to deliver to your growing audience. Once you do, it's like starting all over.

Optimizing your digital marketing strategy is like adding more value to what you're already doing. Say for example hiring another person to write up another blog post to two times a day.

Adding more value to what you're already doing will make your digital marketing look like magic!

One last thing I'd like to reiterate here is the power of CONSISTENCY.

Constantly making digital marketing common practice in your business, you will see a drastic change to how your customers respond to your efforts.

And the most optimal goal you are aiming for here is being KNOWN.

You want to be known as the go-to source that has expertise in the solutions you provide.

Everything else will sort its way from there: purchases, referrals, good reviews, leads and traffic.

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