What You Can Learn From Your Miami Network

Miami Network

How do you make the most of your Miami network?

Traditionally, people go networking to find opportunities for their own business, but I recommend you take it a bit further to really gain the most leverage.

Apart from looking for sales, take the time to understand how people stay in business.

Learning these details has provided me with great insights about how professionals are maintaining their businesses, especially past the average 5 years it takes for a business to really soar.

These insights can cut your learning curve by a substantial amount.

Here are some examples about what you can learn from other business owners whenever you go into a Miami network.

How They Market Their Business

When it comes to finding customers, and all the nuances to get the right message across in an over-communicated world, I find it fascinating how businesses find their relationships.

From social media, to websites, to word of mouth or the people that offer referrals; you can really get a better understanding about all the resources and channels of communication that are available to business owners.

What Systems Do They Have in Place

Just recently I've embarked on a search for what I do that really keeps my business in check. All the day in and day out stuff that I have to accomplish on a daily basis takes about 2-3 hours a day.

So when fine tuning a business I believe you can find that 20% of the work you do, and the 80% that can be outsourced to someone willing to do the work for you.

When you meet professionals, they usually have these teams and programs in place that allows the workflow to be streamlined, gaining the business owner free time to find more opportunities for more leverage in their business.

What Superstars Do They Know

I know a networking friend that is really amicable and makes a friends with just about anyone, even celebrities.

They know how to create valuable connections that make you want to hang out with them.

I also know some business owners that have an amazing spouse that really supports their endeavors and causes them to do great things with them by their side.

There are teams that have individuals among them that really look our for their business goals and makes sure everyone in the office are happy.

Knowing people that knows these superstars can create a feeling that there are genuine and authentic people out there that can assure you success with them by your side.

This gives me inspiration to keep an eye out for these kinds of people because they do exist if you know where to find them!

Programs, Apps, Web Services that are Under the Radar

One time I was in a meeting with a networking friend who was discussing how his business develops websites catered to their customers needs.

Within the conversation he mentioned a server application that allows any website to become optimized and speed up download times, allowing SEO rankings to be better.

Fast forward a few months later, and my site now ranks at the top of Google just because of this simple update.

Another example is when a friend of mine wanted to white label an intricate Instagram engagement reports so that it has their own business logos instead of the platforms.

I introduced them to Iconosquare and he now has a go-to tool he can offer as part of his services and brings up his revenue annually.

You'd be surprised how many great web services there are that offer exactly what you need in an intuitive and easy to use fashion that can take your business to the next level.

Best of all, learning to use these apps can be a breeze if your networking friend already knows how to use them!

Mindsets, Attitudes, Work Ethics and How They See Reality

This is perhaps the most powerful tool you have in business.

Keeping a steady eye on the prize will test your will as you get closer and closer to it.

What's great about networking is that you can get advice you will never be able to get from anyone else, because one persons experience and their interpretation of it cannot be duplicated.

Advice from one person will never be the same from another.

And getting to know how people interpret their wins, losses, success stories and how to reframe them can allow you to really get some insights to how a mind in business works!

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