What Do You Want?

These are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself.

Unfortunately not too many people you meet will ask you these questions.

Here's your chance!

Take a moment to announce what your responses are for these, and make a commitment to follow through.

What Do You Want?

Answering this question leaves an open space for you to place something to pursue.

And that something can be anything you want.

To go even deeper, tell us what will happen when you get what you want.

What Do You Want To Avoid?

What outcomes do you not want to happen in your life.

Studies have shown that we are more likely to avoid something than to pursue it.

Tell us what you avoid and what will happen as you continue to avoid it.

What Is The Next Step?

Now that you've announced what you want and what you don't want...

What's next?

How will you achieve both outcomes with your efforts?

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