Top 10 Things Every Website Should Do

Top 10 Things Every Website Should Do

1. A Good URL

Have a memorable link so that it resonates with the person hearing it, and typing it.

Align as much as you can to strengthen the name of your prefered URL.

For example, have the solution of your business within the website link, or make it rhyme, make it your name if its easy to spell, or make it generic to make it easily recalled based off of your industry.

Take a moment to research your options, and make a choice that you're happy with - because this name is going to make or break your business!

And it will be the home to your brand new online website.

2. Mobile Friendly

It amazes me to see that so much effort is made on a desktop version of a website but very little on how it displays for mobile.

The mobile version may just be the most visited version of your website - it is the most accessible way to view your site.

Mobile makes the first impression, so focus on how it is shown first in comparison to your desktop version.

3. A Great Headline

Once potential customers land on your website show them what they're about to get scrolling around your website.

Making it comprehensible as possible starts off with a good headline from the beginning.

Just like a newspaper, a headline entices readers to continue consuming the information - so title your website accordingly to make your website a clear message on the solution they're seeking for.

A good headline is also convenient - it allows skimming of information to happen, saving them time.

4. Color Scheme Design

Make your website easy on the eyes and navigate by providing a guidance through colors.

Make the background contrast from your buttons, remind the customer that they are still on your website.

Leave an impression by the mood of the colors and show them an experience throughout the scrolling of your pages.

5. Great Content

Make your content with your heart, it's what gives your website a pulse!

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Continue to develop and refine the message(s) of your website by creating content.

Particularly the kind of content that helps your customer to take action, or make a decision.

Throughout the customer journey, there is always doubts and obstacles to offer them your solutions; but if you guide them and clarify the path for them with content, your wesbite will be a source of solutions.

6. One Call To Action

In order to reach your business goals, take it one step at a time - then do it the same for your customers.

One prominent call to action all across your website is a sure way to measure and sustain what you want to accomplish in your online business.

A good call to action, and a reason to do said action is what makes your website a very important tool to help your customers get closer to their intended solutions, and your intended business growth.

7. About You Page

An about you page is a how to put a face to your business.

It is where you share your stories, your team members and the reason why you are in business.

An About You page is necessary to make a better connection with customers browsing your site because it adds a human element apart from text and design.

It is like receiving a note along with a photo of you or your team.

It is the face that you speak to when you send an email or pick up the phone to call.

8. Connected To Social Media

Your website is fueled by traffic, so make sure it is connected in channels that reaches your intended audience.

Various channels operate differently and have different demographics, and the more your website is able to push through the content, the better you can get feedback from your potential customers.

Is it shared often, is traffic going up, which channels brings the most traffic, can you create more readers on that particular channel? Etc.

It is also a great way to build a following!

People from your website can go to your social media account and follow back.

All these insights are provided by having your social media channels leading back to your website and vice versa.

9. Flow Design

From step one all the way til the lifetime of the customers journey, there needs to be a sense of flow.

A seemless feeling as your customer builds a closer and closer relationship with you.

It's all in the details, your customer will know it when every step along the way is presented in a way that makes people want to continue on the journey.

10. Alive - An Extension Of You

The means to an end of your website is for it to become a tool you use to continue a relationship with your customers.

A source, or hub of information about what you and your business offers.

It needs to appeal in a way that makes customers want to continue scrolling and reading what you have to offer.

Your website is an obstacle, or a gap between the you and the connection you can create for the other person, and the more alive you make your website - whether it be through the content, media, or words you use - the better you can continue connecting with those that visit it!

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