To find someone seeking your business, all you have to do is ASK!

To find customers seeking your business, just ask!

Over the weekend I was reading this book called ASK by Ryan Levesque, and it's an interesting read.

I sent an email a few weeks ago about the most productive and cost effective things to do in business is building a product and communicating it to potential customers...well this book was like the prequel to that statement!

According to this read, before doing something for anyone, it's better to get a better understanding in what they are seeking for.

Getting perspectives and understanding in any situation, take in the micro / macro point of views.

Zooming into something to see the details, and zooming out to see the bigger picture.

For example, I think networking is our way to understand someone on a personal level.

But marketing is how business owners can see the bigger picture.

So apart from meeting potential buyers, I recommend you seek a way to understand the potential as a whole.

The author recommends setting up a form, survey or quiz, offering a solution within your product / service and segmenting "buckets" of perspectives from your potential customers.

For example, if you are in real estate some people are looking to buy or rent. thats a bucket.
And among those potential customers, some want something that fits their price range. thats another bucket
And even further, some want pet friendly homes! thats yet a third bucket

So when you communicate to these potential customers, you would only want to offer them a home they can rent, within their intended budget that has a dog park down the street!

The potential of a business relationship has now been facilitated by simply asking the whole market a few questions to get their perspective on it so you can tailor the offer on a more personal level.

In my case, I started MiamiNetworking.com with a few ideas, however I haven't implemented them yet because I wanted to offer something completely different that can help you make more genuine connections and opportunities.

So I've been gathering some personal feedback, and because of this great read I started working on just that.

To find out the kind of networking opportunities you're seeking and help build miaminetworking.com, click below:

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