The Battle For Your Mind

The Battle For Your Mind

It's hard to get online, or drive down the street without an advertising staring right back at you.

In today's over-communicated world, there are so many entities attempting to carve their way into your mind as the best at what they do.

If you gain the marketing perspective of enlightening your market with your product or service, you can make a lasting impact to your customer.

However, there are many challenges to accomplish this. 

Your message will have many obstacles, but there are ways to find the easy way in.

Here are some concepts about how to win the Battle For Your Mind based from the book Positioning by Jack Trout and Al Ries.

Be The First or Create a New Category

The best way to seed your business in the right direction when it comes to marketing is being the first to do it.

If you can be known by the masses for someone who went above and beyond to deliver the solutions of your business, then you are building the momentum to be ranked #1 into the minds of many.

If you are not the first to do it, instead of diving in head first as a competitor, its much more to be a player in the industry by creating your own category.

For example, when you see how the Google Pixel phones compete with the iPhone, Google attempts to position itself by focusing more on the camera.

Creating instant cloud storage for your photos to remove the frustration of buying more memory, and stating the camera works better in low lighting.

"Beating the competition has nothing to do with what their doing, it has to do with what YOU'RE doing with your competitive advantage." - Manny Garavito

Product / Services Design

If you're attempting to launch a business idea, this is the most critical phase.

Designing your product before it reaches the market is a power move within itself if you get to understand your customer the best possible way you can before any big bucks gets shelled into making and distributing it.

From my experience, launching a survey is common practice, but instead make it a lot more beneficial by recreating surveys into quizzes.

That way your potential customer can learn something about themselves as a result. Making the information a lot more easier to gain.

Once you've discovered some ideas about what your customer wants within what your business is planning to launch, you can use the exact same wording they used to make a marketing campaign.

But most importantly it comes to naming your product. 

Something easy to remember and if the solution is embedded within it event better!

The main issue with the battle for the mind is that there are solutions just waiting to be discovered, however it isn't easily accessible to get to it if it is not understood!

I'm finishing up the book now as I type this and I will write a second part to this blog post. Stay tuned!

To find out more about asking potential customers about what kind of solutions they are looking for, read this article here.

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