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This is blog post summarizes all of our content leading up to our free virtual networking event and workshop on September 27th. If you'd like to have a conversation with local content creators in Miami about how we can connect with customers, click here to receive the Zoom link.

Professional relationships are established in very particular ways.

There are very specific indicators that make them professional - but the most important one is the feeling that the interactions are valuable for business owners.

You may be wondering what some of these indicators are - there are many.

BUT you may agree, just about every professional knows that time is very, very valuable.

And professionals are always seeking to make sure that whatever they come across, won't waste their time.

So, how can your content cut right to the chase and make them feel invested in what you have to say? 

Check out this quick write up about how the things you post online will indicate value to your professional network - and in turn, grow more relationships!

All communication comes down to emotions.

And everyone goes through the ups and downs of their current situation. Even professionals.

Imagine all the success stories as well as the private stress of running a business.

Professionals go through the ins and out of the day to make sure that a particular result is achieved in their line of business.

If your content reflects these emotions, or rather, if it can enhance favorable feelings about what a professional goes through, you can deepen a relationship, because you are speaking their language.

To do this, use words, images and topics that are relevant to the issues (or triumphs) of being a professional.

Over time, this valuable content can build up a digital relationship with the content author itself.

Now if you really want to get to the specifics of what makes people feel as if you know them - just to look at the kinds of content professionals are already posting.

When it comes to posting messages online, hidden beneath the surface is an intention, an outcome or a goal.

It takes practice, but look closely.

Ask yourself, what is he or she attempting to really say with their posts.

And you'll see what it takes to make a connection with particular professionals in your network because they are already telling you what resonates with them!

Now let's take the focus on you...

Are you aware of the potential strengths you have that allows you to get in touch with what is valuable in other people?

Here are some examples:

  • being a good listener
  • being a good conversationalist
  • asking the right questions
  • typing up a good survey
  • asking for feedback
  • can you feel emotions (empathic)

These are values some of us may have that can pull the curtain back to what really matters in others.

This will make you more keen on creating amazing content that starts and deepens professional relationships because they feel heard and understood which indicates you won't waste their time.

Value the values you have that allows you to value the values of others

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