Miami Networking is Now a Website For Local Lifelong Learning

Miami Networking is now a webs

With just a few years in the connecting locals making a difference in Miami, we are now dedicated to providing a website for those who are pursuing lifelong learning.

We believe the future of learning is a combination of personal and social.

You, as an individual, can learn something brand new or you can fine-tune something you already know well.

Then you can take it to a social setting to have a discussion and see how it holds up to the ways other think.

You can gain a better insight, or you can contribute to other gaining better insights.

We believe lifelong learning is the way to make the lifestyle you've always wanted, and to contribute to the lives of other as well.

Miami Networking and Lifelong Learning

Education is a valuable asset for entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.

Most may believe that education ends when you graduate school.

But the truth of the matter is that learning is a lifetime activity.

And what you expose yourself to, and how you translate learning experiences plays a big role in who you are becoming.

This is a very subtle process that not many are aware of.

And that is why we at Miami Networking have decided to provide locals with a virtual space to continue and refine why, what, and how we learn.

Social Learning in Miami

One of the many wonderful things arriving on the internet is the ability to connect with the right information to understand or pursue a desired goal.

However, sometimes there is so much information on that particular topic, that it may be overwhelming.

There may be too much to do, and you may feel like an overload of stress before you can even decide what is the appropriate next step to get started.

For example, when it comes to learning how to communicate your business, there are many instructors and tutorial videos online.

They may all have a different way to communicate, or they may be in a different path in their business.

However, if you were to be in a discussion with others to look over their shoulders on how they're doing it, you can get way better insights on how you can apply what you see to your business.

This in theory is called Social Learning, as presented by Psychologist Albert Bandura - it is a form of learning through modeling.

Meaning you see various examples of how many people are doing something and you can decide what parts are applicable to you and what is not.

So if someone presents 10 steps on how to start a website, and you see them building one, you may whittle that down to just 5 steps that you can take thats appropriate for your website.

This allows learning to be way more fluid, and provides far better insights in what you are attempting to achieve.

Network Learning in Miami

As we continue to develop Miami Networking, we are proud to begin bringing together the kinds of minds that are actively seeking to getter themselves through collaborative learning.

Viewing different perspectives on a problem and applying them to their own.

We will be hosting various events, with different topics, skills, and themes and facilitating discussions and presentations for us to get to know one another.

These virtual events will be made for locals and will be bringing in experts from all around the nation to present!

There's plenty more ideas rolling out, including e-courses and masterminds.

If these ideas interest you, be sure to stay tuned to MiamiNetworking.com!

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