In Preparation For Cocktails and Couture at The Wharf

Cocktails and Couture Miami Networking

When Miami Networking first started, the main goal was simple: discover and propel the momentum of opportunities to those participating in our events.

Early on however, the discovery occurred that there are a variety amount of professionals within different fields in attendance, seeking the chance to meet friends, partners, lifelong customers, and mentorships.

After seeing the capability of how events with a common theme can bring these minds together, we decided to start researching creative and unique ways to do a gathering of the minds.

And by "we" I mean the recent partnerships with Events by Gia and photographer Davide De Pas from Miami Headshot.

Miami Networking Cocktails and Couture at The Wharf

The event planning for Cocktails and Couture began when we met various managers and owners of the lovely space.

As you may or may not know, The Wharf is a charming area in Downtown Miami, that features plenty of dining options, sunlight / nightsky, a waterfront view, DJ's and ofcourse cocktails.

We figured this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring the folks of Miami Networking together, but we needed a special occasion.

And not just any occasion, a curated one.

Curating anything is a special selection of some sort, something that has the folks who will be in attendance in mind.

Hence, why we've decided a fashion show will be ideal for the professionals planning to join us.

So since Spring is upon us, weather calls for a drink and some socializing!

Photographer Davide De Pas photographed some of the models who will be in attendance. We plan on featuring the display of various wardrobes provided by stylists from local and international fashion.

The models have been hand-selected and will present a runway style segment of the networking event to wow our guests and make it a fun experience.

Photography of those in attendance will be available to share with your friends provided by Davide himself.

Cocktails and Couture Fashion Show

Davide has an eye for aesthetics and uses it to distill in making your face unforgettable in his work.

"A headshot is more important than your resume" he mentions to those seeking his services.

We will be more than happy to feature your photos among friends this week.

Events by Gia

Events By Gia is the creative platform of planning and executing the entertainment and organization of our get togethers.

With vast network of friends and business minded people, Gia can associate any event to exceed expectations.

Here is your chance to experience one of her creative themes!

Manny Garavito

Marketing services is provided by yours truly, Manny Garavito!

Every idea starts off as idealistic thinking. When you have something ruminating in your head, you can get lost in translation in trying to explain it to people. Or even worse getting started!

Hence, why I started Idealist Marketing (parent site to MiamiNetworking.com), I've been there and so has everyone with ideas.

I assist my clients in extrapolating their business idea creatively and clearly with very low financial risk. Allowing them to get started with the fundamentals to get your marketing communication on track towards success.

Because taking the right path from the very beginning allows you to save time and money in your venture as an entrepreneur.

You and your guests can find us at The Wharf on Thursday, March 28th 5PM on the left hand side of the main bar.

This is your official invitation to our very first fusion of a fashion show + networking event!

All attendees can enjoy a complimentary drink on us.

To be on the guest list, RSVP by clicking below.

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