How To Do Cool Stuff

There will be a lot of cool new things coming your way as soon as technology becomes more accessible. In today's episode of Mornings with Manny we look into how to do cool stuff.

Mental models, as described by Warren Buffet, is one of the most important things you can discover for yourself as you gain an expertise in your endeavors.

As you continue to invest in yourself and your experience, you can begin to combine differing skills to create an emergence of something new.

In Eben Pagan's book, Opportunity, this access to technology will cause inevitable string of opportunities towards creating something useful and valuable; something that was never available before in the market.

When a new emergence occurs, you may tap into vertical innovation, where an entire new industry begins to form based as a result of what you may have discovered.

Within the industry, another string of opportunities occurs where others can grow an emergence of something new and useful too!

An Example of vertical innovation comes from the invention of the iPhone. 

All the components of the iPhone allows applications to have varying functions at your fingertips.

From video editing, to communication with your loved ones, filtering your photos and finding the love of your life.

And iPhone allows all sorts of people to start building businesses around it based on the extension of its innovation.

Protection of your device is also an innovative market as people continue to search for the best case, cases now have a way to stick to a wall, display your logo on an LED screen on the back, a tripod, etc.

The innovations continue to grow just by combining your camera, your phone, and your music player.

And as mentioned on this blog post, positioning yourself as the first to do it will be the most beneficial positioning for your business and its marketing efforts.

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