How To Create Value When Networking

Creating Value To Your Networking Event

I've realized that connecting with others under the term "Networking" is very contrived.

Only those genuine connections where you hit it off well with someone is how networking has its benefits.

You have to be very receptive to the possibility of building a relationship with someone.

We are all very busy people and we think we know when someone is worth our time.

But we don't help those that can't help us.

And we all want to get business, but we don't want to do business with people instead.

"If You Want It All, You Have To Give It All" - Manny Garavito

The purpose of networking starts off with being social, and interacting with like-minded people.

Then it goes into identifying values that align with yours.

And lastly, if there is an alignment then you build trust and a relationship with them.

However, this may be beneficial and it may not.

Surrounding yourself with those who you believe are worth your time can be satisfying, but imagine all the skills, experiences, and talent that can give you the leverage on an area you may lack in.

Accountants can have a great network among each other, but a diversity of skills won't stray far from what you may already know.

"Knowing What You Don't Know Is More Important Than Being Brilliant" - Charlie Munger

I like studying Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, because let's be honest, they're Billionaires that talk to the public. Haha.

And one thing that they mention is of great importance is to always be learning.

This is not the cliché saying of stay in school or anything like that.

It goes much deeper than that according to their investment methods.

Apparently, they focus on building 'mental models' which is like a smorgasbord of different ways of thinking.

Useful thinking skills like psychology, finance, business, social intelligence etc.

Then this alignment allows a new form of valuable insights that emerges into a new mental model.

And all useful mental models allows your ventures to become a success.

Imagine if you will, what will happen if your own mental models mesh with others?

Alignment of Diverse Value

When you align useful mental models, an emergence begins to occur where others can see it for themselves.

And from it, you are creating an eruption of value.

Doors begin to open, people want to do business with you, and your ability to make opportunities with others begins to manifest itself.

"Money is the result of doing the right things, in the right order, at the right time." - Eben Pagan

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