Fresh New Ways To See Miami

New Ways To See Miami

There's many ways to see many things, but Miami is a special city that deserves a bit more engagement to do see it differently.

As we continue to uncover its potential, this website is a place for you to connect with the right people, access useful information and find opportunities.

Starting this week we'll take a deeper dive to accomplish this by piecing together the content and events we're creating to bring the community together.

And there's lots to cover!

Starting with our brand new virtual networking and workshop events.

New Ways To See Miami

Recent Miami Networking Podcast

[Exclusive Content] How to Sell a Sculpture

This is a video clip from our recent Digital Marketing Jumpstart event. Here is a wonderful coaching session with local artist Rebecca Setareh. In this video we look at how a sculpture is perceived and how its values emerge into words when we uncover the difference between its features, advantages and benefits. In order to access this exclusive clip, please log in with your Networker membership.

Meet the Makers of Miami Returns July 12th!

This virtual event is a networker and workshop for difference-makers in Miami. We get together and share our perspectives on how our gifts can change Miami for the better. Attendees range from creatives to entrepreneurs and we have valuable discussions about thought leadership. Register here.

Mornings with Manny Interview with Kristen A. Corpion

On this episode of Mornings with Manny we discuss business practices in the beginning and in scaling, entertainment, intellectual property and the top 3 things to keep in mind during reopening phases for business owners.

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