[Exclusive Content] How to Sell a Sculpture

When it comes to selling art, there seems to be something mysterious going on...

You've seen bananas duct taped to a wall, and giant balloon animals selling for millions in auctions.

What is going on in the art world?

On our recent Digital Marketing Jumpstart event we spoke with Rebecca (@artofrebecca) to talk about how to sell an art piece on the internet.

We went through and categorized the features, advantages and benefits of a sculpture.

Turns out in this coaching session we ended up learning together!

The Features

Features are the generics of an item.

Like the AC of a car, or the porch of a home.

It is what gives the details to something of purchase. Sometimes it can be sold as an extra "features" or bundled up with "all the features".

In this case, one of the many features of a statue is that it is 3D.

Another one we touch upon is that Rebecca also uses the bronze material to make them.

The Advantages

To go further down in what else gives value to an item, is its advantages.

What the features do as a function that separates it from the rest.

In this case, a 3D statue can be viewed in different angles, and it can be touched.

Or if you were to go down the feature of it made out of bronze, you can say an advantage of that is that it is permanent or as Rebecca describes it, everlasting.

The Benefits

Whenever you sell or market anything, the more you uncover the specific details of who these functions will benefit, the more you are able to understand the value of the item.

Benefits are subjective to those seeking it.

In this case, a 3D statue is a work of art that can be socialized around, or a status symbol whenever you have company over.

On the bronze example, the benefit can be how it represents strength of the human will, or the malleability of the human spirit.

These personal definitions only mean so much to so few because they are values based on the subjectivity of that one person who is resonating with your message and willing to make the purchase!

These are just a few examples of the many ways to identify how to sell a sculpture.

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