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Manny Garavito

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  • Create valuable, life changing connections with people locally, nationally and globally.
  • Join discussions that can make an impact with your participation.
  •  Learn new life skills through the expertise of people you meet.
  • You too can discover and contribute your own gifts and strengths to others. 
  •  Customize your virtual social circle based off of your interests, lifestyles and industries of choice.
  • Get access to all of our Virtual Networking events for just $37/mo.

You are the Common Denominator of The People You Surround Yourself With.

Most people will tell you that you are the only person that can prevent yourself from achieving success.

What most people won't tell you is those you surround yourself also sets the bounds on how successful you can become.

It's a harsh reality, but a discussion that needs to be had in order to reach your highest potential.

We subconsciously adapt to people we interact with, the people we learn from, and participate in conversations with.

Their habits, values, ambitions, beliefs and more contribute to your identity.

And this can make or break your outlook on what you are capable of achieving.

The good news is that you can customize the people you choose to share these values with, learn from them, and contribute with in order to continue developing your strengths.

It's Now EASIER THAN EVER To Find the Kinds of Friends that will Assist You in Developing Your Personal Strengths.

You can go online, search up an interest of your choice and interact with the people you find there.

Or you can email someone who mentions something you powerfully agree with on a website to spark up a conversation.

Or leave a comment on a social media post and follow someone you fancy and start a chat.

These are all standard ways of using the internet to connect with people and begin an online relationship that benefits both people.

We believe this can be done in a more streamlined way...

We bring together these like-minded people to participate in discussions over virtual meetings, where you can speak on a topic, learn from it, or contribute to the cause with others in a social setting.

We Create Virtual Networking Events Where You Can Make Friends Who Will Help You Build The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted.

My Name Is Manny Garavito, And This Is Why I Network Often

I remember being at my desk as a banker on my first week, when they told me the company will be able to pay for my college tuition.

There was a problem however, they would only pay for it if it was business related...I was a psychology major.

I was on the final term to get my Associates Degree, and they will reimburse my tuition next year if I changed majors. 

Manny Garavito

So the time was just right.

Because of my comfy new position in the bank, I realized it's time to switch over to business...but which department?

I could choose from so many business related skills.

From management, human resources, accounting, finance, and much more...so I went and did my research.

I came across marketing because I Googled *best business manager*.

And a quote from a management consultant and author came up by the name of Peter Drucker:

"Business has only two main functions, marketing and innovation...all the rest are costs."

I was hooked, it made total sense!

Innovation comes and goes for everyone, because everyone gets ideas...but not everyone knows how to market their ideas!

Fast forward...

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from FIU.

But I was still at the same job, doing the same thing...selling loans.

My idea was to make a big virtual comedy club in Miami, so now that I know marketing, I'm going to do it.

But again, another fault occurred, I became a starving artist.

Because everything I learned in Marketing through the education system was meant for the workers mentality, but not for the innovators...

So I shifted and went into the core of what Marketing really is...in its most basic element - Psychology.

Communicating to the Psychology of people seeking solutions.

And the rest was history.

I learned through trial and error, and being hands on to what really counts - the customers.

Now I run a virtual comedy club, MiamiComedy.com and became known with the #1 website on Google from my niche, a strong social media following and daily customers 7 nights a week in different venues all around the city.

My second project, you are reading from, MiamiNetworking.com. Where I gather like-minded individuals and share useful information that allows us to grow in our dedicated lifestyles.

Many more projects are underway because of my passion to build relationships and communities through innovation.

Networking has caused me to find the kinds of people that have helped me find my purpose, my abilities and together we are able to build opportunities through collaboration.

I invite you to try doing the same in your life, and see how others can help your vision become a reality.

There's a Difference Between Being Connected
and Being 'Known.'

Miami Networker Membership

After reading the book Known by Mark Schaefer, I realized that being known is the best way to build a personal brand.

Your personal brand can be local, national, or global - if you can sustainably place yourself in front of the right people, you can reach as many people as you'd like.

And by the right people, I mean the kinds of people who understand your message and act upon it, because they believe in you.

It may not be immediate, but with enough effort you can build a customized network of people that knows you for what you do.

And if many people are aware of that, you can have people reaching out to you multiple times based off of your contributions...

1. Meet with those who share an interest in your interests

2. Share your story and make connections

Two Effective ways to Stay Relevant Online

  1. Meet with those who share and interest in your interests - We guide all of our Networker members to ​meet those who are seeking to make genuine connections. Based off of interests and shared benefits.

  2. Share your story and make connections - Being KNOWN is all about staying relevant by participating in conversations. Sharing and contributing to those you meet allows you to stay in effective connections that make an impact because you participated in a valuable connection.

The Networker Monthly Membership

For just $37/mo. you can create connections, share information and find opportunities to collaborate with those who are actively seeking to do the same.

Our members and readers are a collective community of professionals, difference-makers, creatives, and those who want to get to know those around them and beyond.

Because we're all focused in being proactively connected.

Further your reach. This membership is designed to diminish the gap between you and the friend you're attempting to meet!

Position Yourself to Become Accessible!

Every event we create will be available for you to join while spots are available.

As a Networking Member, you have 100% access to all of these events!

Miami Networker Membership

If You Network Often, This Membership Will Save You Time and Money

The Networker Membership is dedicated to make you effective managing valuable resources such as time and money.

We actively engage the kinds of people to join us for effective and impactful networking events where the discussions are valuable to all participants.

We then send you all the invitations to join in these discussions, and you can choose to participate in any.

You won't have to go out and find these events, we bring them to you.

The membership has a flexible, convenient and an affordable price...

AND it's all 100% RISK FREE!

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    Get started in the Networker Membership for just $37/mo.
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    If you are not happy with the services rendered, let us know with 30 days for a FULL refund - no questions asked.
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30 day money back

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get beneficial outcomes networking with locals or national attendees with your message within 30 days just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

I'm so confident to connect you and your networking message effectively with the Miami Networker Membership, that you can join a full month risk free.

If you don't feel like you've created connections to leverage your message or if it didn't benefit you in any way, I got you covered with my guarantee of ultimate satisfaction.

Join The Very First Membership in Miami Dedicated To Make You A Successful Networker

  • Boost your networking reach by attending any of our upcoming networking events.

  • Effectively get your messages across to the people you meet.

  • Be known for who you are and what you do.

  • Become easily accessible for those seeking your services.
Miami Networker Membership

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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If You Have Any Questions, You Can Contact Me Directly.

I am very dedicated in your success that I will be accessible to you should you have any questions.

As a local here in Miami, I believe we are positioned in being one of the fastest growing cities in all of the nation, and this is my contribution to that.

If you have any questions about the membership, send me a direct email here: manny@miaminetworking.com

"Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come." -- Diane Helbig

Networking has become one of the most important activities for those seeking to be successful with their endeavors.

And since we are a prominent group of networkers, we are able to share a place where you can thrive.

This membership is a generous, convenient and affordable solution for those who want to take their networking to a new level online.

Networking is Marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for." -- Christine Comaford-Lynch

Here's a "What You Get" All Wrapped Up.

  • Take your networking efforts to the next level by having others talk about your services
  • Become KNOWN for who you are and what you do
  • Become easily accessible for those seeking your services by being active with your message
  • ​Affordable monthly membership
  • ​Save time and money while your message is being communicated locally and nationally
  • Not satisfied? 100% Money Back Guarantee
30 day money back

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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