Brickell Happy Hour Network Hosted by Miami Headshot

Brickell Happy Hour Network

Miami Networking events grew exponentially with the help of David De Pas this past week!

Out of the blue, The Brickell Happy Hour Network created an event to get acquainted with local professionals from all fields.

And for one fleeting moment, we came together to share proactive conversations on what we strive for.

Our business, projects, products and services, but most importantly uncovering opportunities.

I started this project in August of 2018, after realizing that most networking events required a more authentic feel with attendees.

Hosting is a major factor in contributing to genuine connections.

With a background in public speaking and comedy, I learned that breaking the ice and effectively engaging our guests in what they strive for adds to the experience of networking.

On this particular event, we partnered with a similar host by the name of Davide De Pas, and magic happened.

We were able to cater an event by Miami Fresh Cafe, take professional photography by Miami Headshot, and amplify these connections.

Best of all the professionals we attract are friendly and engaging as well!

Join us every Tuesday and contribute to a growing group of authentic business professionals!

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