The Future of Education and Personal Learning Networks

Are you a lifelong learner? If you find the value of continuing your education in order to catch up with all the opportunities happening around you, here is what the future of education may be like.

Imagine if you went to school to learn whatever you wanted, what would you've learned instead of the curriculum? Who would you surround yourself with, and what would you have studied? No test, just building a lifestyle.

There's an emergence of educating yourself called Personal Learning Networks. Where you can go on the internet and actually connect to "nodes" of information that will assist you in gaining the know-how of living the life you've always wanted. Even though this video is called the future of education, you can begin doing this right now!

It is from my own experience that we are not using the internet to its fullest capabilities. And as we continue to adapt to the coming changes of the virtual world, here is a glimpse of what can be done, and most likely will happen to education.

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