Learning Through Information and Entertainment

Information and Entertainment will be one of the leading ways to learn something new.

The schooling system is becoming more and more questionable for its effectiveness in adapting today's new world.

As we continue to develop technologies and how we communicate, and my experience in Marketing and comedy, I'm becoming more and more convinced that infotainment is the future of information retention.

The internet isn't going anywhere, as a matter of fact, it's embedded in our culture.

Information and entertainment is readily available for people to consume in an instant.

And there seems to be a sharp divide on how people spend their time on the internet.

Some prefer to take online ecourses, download self-help audiobooks, and stay up to date on business trends.

While others consume movies, television shows, and stream online video games.

This divide has the opportunity to blur it's contrast and become something someone can easily consume no matter which side of the information and entertainment preference.

In the book Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath, they mention that if the authors of information were to make it more interesting, the core message will ride within the narratives of entertainment.

If you pay attention to very successful TED talks, you'll notice that some of the more powerful presentations involve some sort of humor, or at the very least, remain more interesting.

The influence of entertainment in making something more memorable is apparent.

It's almost as if statistics aren't needed behind the assumption that being entertained is...well, just fun!

In today's Mornings with Manny episode, I talk about the 5 ways infotainment will change the way you learn.

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