Interview with NLP Coach in Miami Aixa Goodrich

NLP is one of the most powerful ways to uncover your strength. Meet local NLP practitioner and NLP coach in Miami Aixa Goodrich.

Known as Neuro-linguistic programing; it's a very fitting title because it cuts right through to your ways of thinking using concepts derived from language - and keeps it in there.

When I started to venture in bettering myself, I knew for certain that I have to think differently than where I currently am in order to really change for the good.

So I took a class by Tony Robbins and dived deeper into this powerful source of thinking.

And surely enough, NLP was at the forefront of what some of the most inspiring business minds derive from.

Meet NLP Coach From Miami Aixa Goodrich

Even though I read a few books about this powerful stuff, I rarely meet people who know and understand NLP.

On this particular night, I was able to meet with Aixa Goodrich from ManifestYourEpicLife.com.

A Chiropracter and wellness coach through NLP practices.

Aixa knows that in order for you to be the best version of yourself, you need to dig deep into the root of your limiting beliefs.

Whether it's from previous relationships, family teachings, phobias - bad experiences leave a negative impression on you.

Placing them in the forefront and reversing the binding effects on your thinking will free up some of the potential you are capable of tapping into.

I highly recommend NLP books like Timeline Therapy by Tad James and From Frogs to Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

I say start with the latter for the best understanding on what NLP and how psychologically healthy it is.

The game changer here is kind of like understanding the simple ways our minds can take you and being aware of it.

Kind of like designing a map from your mind, NLP is an incredible source of inspiration and insight that takes you into the depths of your unconscious - and it all started with a scientific, yet creative approach to hypnosis. Pioneered by Milton Erickson.

“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.” - Milton Erickson

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