Interview with Miami Tech Developer John Solorzano

In this episode of the Miami Networking podcast we interview Miami Tech Developer John Solorzano from Solo Media Group.

Two of the most important factors of a business is product innovation and marketing.

"Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs." - Peter Drucker

If you have a good idea such as a service or a product, a clear message about its value is just as important.

With both of these factors (product development and marketing) working together you can make a huge impact in your industry and market.

When it comes to making an impact, John and I agree that it doesn't come from just one individual but a chain reaction of individuals for a common cause, that may have been sparked by your idea.

This podcast episode is dedicated for those who are seeking to create these kinds of impacts by embarking on a viable business venture.

I emphasize on viable, because even though you may think its a good idea, the only way to really make sure is to ask your market and industry directly.

Getting an outsiders perspective on your business idea is an ideal way to get insight on what others see in what you are creating.

For example, sending an app idea to a developer to create and the developer challenging the idea by asking what are the specific functions needed for it to work.

Or hiring a marketing firm to find ways to communicate your product after its been developed.

These two factors are crucial in making a difference in your business and the impact it has!

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