Building Your Own Economy On The Internet

Growing Your Own Economy On The Internet

Do you believe you're capable of getting the right connections, tools and insights to get your hands into the profitable goodies of the internet? Here's some ideas I put together for you about the growing possibilities of growing little mini economies of your own on the internet.

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I am fascinated with what is over the horizon of opportunities to the kinds of networks that are becoming available.

Particularly in the online space...

The recent focus I've had practicing business online is solely based out of reaching out to people I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for the internet.

Most of the times, traditional practices like word of mouth and referals tend to cause tunnel vision.

Where that is the only practice we do in order to make connections; whether it be growing a business, or finding a new customer, or sharing a conversation to get useful info on developing yourself or your business.

It all comes down to connections, and relationships. And ever since you heard the dialup sounds of your modem connecting to a modem, it has been possible - and if you've seen how fast the internet is going, you know its speeding up quickly!

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1. What Is More Profitable? The Tangible Or Virtual Economy?

Netflix shows has never motivated anything on this website, up until this point!

On a rainy night in Miami - I was scrolling through and saw a show called History 101.

On episode two I was fascinated at the episode on China and its rising economy.

However, out of sheer luck and fortune I stumbled upon some speculation...

China is growing in the tangible landscape - infrastructures, goods, and things your 5 senses can perceive.

BUT the internet culture is very censored. Leaving an opening for possibilities.

Check out this video as I go in depth on this newfound insight, and why I believe we are not using the internet to its fullest capabilities.

2. Becoming Known For What You Do

Unless you have millions of dollars in ad revenue, you probably won't be branding yourself too quickly to the masses.

However, you can definitely place a flag and dominate the landscape to let those around you know you for what you do.

In this video, I go live to talk to you about the book Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

"Mind changing is the road to advertising disaster"

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3. Is Online Business Stressing You Out?

Stress Free Online Business

The purpose I'm sharing this kind of information with you is to get you going (right now) with online business practices.

Its every entrepreneurs duty to add an audience to their network. Not just referals and word of mouth.

It may seem daunting to go on the internet and talk to the abyss about what you - but its WAY more easier if you talk about why you do it.

You started with a vision about why you're are in business, and sometimes sharing that message is what ignites people to resonate with your business.

If you seek to add freedom to your lifestyle, you deserve to start looking into how to automate a business with all the tools available to you - and avoiding all the stress.

If you've like to connect and talk about any issues you're having in getting your message out to the masses (whether it be technical or psychological) - I can assure you its easier than you think and the obstacles are only temporary.

Send me an email here: manny@miaminetworking.com

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