Where to Network After Work in Brickell

Network After Work in Brickell

If you are in Brickell on a Tuesday and you're looking for a place to network after work, we recommend joining us here at the Redbar.

Miami Networking is all about relationships, and in order to build them, there has to be a few standards in place.

First, there has to be consistency, an ongoing event in order to keep the conversations going.

Secondly, there has to be an environment for authenticity to flourish.

Lastly, there must be drink specials for you to enjoy.

Lets go more in depth on why we recommend Redbar as the go-to Network after work in Brickell.

Network After Work in Brickell Consistently

You can't expect a connection to be made by shaking lots of hands and passing out a business card.

No one is going to look at your card and be like oh wow, this guy I met for 30 seconds was great, I better send him all the referrals.

There has to be some consistency in order for a genuine connection to be made.

And seeing the same faces and branding your business to your face is the best way to get the word of mouth you and your business deserves.

So what does our event offer you?

An opportunity to become a part of our regulars joining us after work every Tuesday.

We have a core group of friends and new faces coming in on a regular basis and this allows us to build a deeper connection to our network.

Best of all there is no need to pay for fees, or entry!

Authentic Relationships is the Most Important

We've all been to a networker where you meet lots and lots of people and then go home and wonder who you really met.

The Network after work event happening in Brickell is all about being able to recognize the people you come in contact with.

We go further past the hand shaking and what do you dos.

We attract personalities that are seeking authenticity with the people they meet.

And introduce them to others and make it our responsibility to refer you to the opportunities we present.

You don't have to feel pressured to give and get referrals with our Tuesday group, because our friendship happens first before the business.

We naturally provide you with the information you need to leverage your business with the minimal amount of effort on your behalf.

No quotas, no referral minimums, no pressure to attend. We understand what it takes for your business to grow with authentic connections.

Drink Specials During Happy Hour

Our happy hour networking event in Brickell at the Redbar also offers very affordable and quality drinks.

Redbar is one of the trendiest bars in the area and provides some of the best spirits, beers and wine.

But during Happy Hour you won't expect to pay full price!

Besides your first drink is also on us when you bring your business card!

Click below to see upcoming Miami Networking events calendar and join us every Tuesday from 5-8PM.

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