How To Develop Your Miami Network

How to develop your miami network

Miami is a very diverse and culture-rich city and meeting the right people here can help you set the pulse of business trends. Keep your connections genuine with our guide on how to develop your Miami Network.

First things first, the businesses in Miami reflects the people in it.

The nightlife, the bars, arts and even the start ups are beginning to emerge at a rapid pace as trends are being set in places like Brickell.

It's no secret that Miami is one of the most unique areas in all of the USA.

However we believe the diversity here may be overwhelming when it comes to getting a grasp on how to make your business ventures successful when there is so much coming and going.

In other words, Miami is a very fertile city for change.

Making a great connections can give you incredible leverage in its emergence to these changes.

You can learn about all the variety of business models, census statistics, what works and what doesn't by mixing and matching skills and talents.

Develop Your Miami Network By Attending Events In Different Areas

There are differing nuances in every area of Miami. 

From the creatives and tourists that roam the streets of Wynwood to the local business owners enjoying a corporate lunch in Coral Gables.

The more you attend a variety of events, the more you can get a feeling for the kinds of professions, personalities and intricacies that shape how local businesses operate and who is at the helm, and most importantly...how they do it.

The more understanding you have in the details of how our city operates the better your communication gets and the stronger your relationships.

Describe Your Business Effortlessly

Communicate your ventures and why networking is important to you.

Having an elevator pitch, or a website stating easily why you are in business is important to display what your skills and competences are.

If you are labeled as the go-to person for that particular solution, people will aggregate that to your identity.

That is why it's important to have your communications straight to the point and readily available for a quick skimming of your product or services.

Create Value For Others

This may just be the most important factor in developing your Miami network.

Always seek to help others in their ventures.

The patience and awareness this takes may be time consuming, but it does come back and pay you in multiples.

Picture networking and creating value for others as what I call social investments; stick to creating value for other in the long term.

You will be impressed to see the kinds of results you get as having this value creation brand embedded in you and your business.

Have A Backstory

Describe your intentions and why you do what you do.

Stories create a depth into people, your losses, challenges, triumphs and where you are going allows others to peer into your journey and understand you better.

In Miami, most of the walks of life here are so diverse that having your contribution to how you became who you are standing before them when you meet is a powerful way to be remembered.

Most Importantly, Develop Your Personality

When it comes to developing your personality one powerful word that comes to mind is versatility.

In Miami, since there are so many people here, and all the trends come and go, having a versatile way of interacting with others will be a game changer.

Changes don't come overnight, as a matter of fact, changes occur when you start investing your time in facilitating change over time.

Seek into understanding yourself, how you come off to others, and how you can use your strengths as leverage and the amount of room left to optimize your weaknesses.

Here are some areas I recommend to look into in order to develop your personality: Improvisation, listening, understanding, trust, persuasion, and negotiation skills.

A little humor goes a long way in social settings, especially when it comes to networking in Miami. We can all use a laugh after all the traffic it took to meet!

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