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    While we’re indoors during the shutdown in Miami, I’d like ask for you to share what you plan on starting on, or working on during the quarantine.

    Being productive to achieve the lifestyle we strive for is part of the initiation process.

    I’d like to hear (and stay in touch with) the people from our networking group and what you’re doing, now that this temporary lifestyle is in place and affecting us all.

    I’m going to start posting some useful content that will be of some use for us while we remain indoors.

    But I would appreciate very much your activity.

    Let’s share some content about where we are right now amongst all this.

    So let me know you’re here!

    What do you plan on doing or are planning to get started on while stuck indoors?

  • Now that we're stuck indoors…more content!

  • Todd

    March 17, 2020 at 11:51 pm

    While stuck in this quarantine, it is key to keep your eye on the prize. During the quarantine, we are shifting our focus to better capitalize on the virtual services that our company offers. We are focused on learning how to better serve our current clients as well as acquiring new ones.

  • Andre

    March 18, 2020 at 12:00 am

    On an existential level, I find myself contemplating how quiet and still things have gotten. Wondering how other people are dealing. We’re social animals, we work to make our money, we seek entertainment, and we move in the world freely. Much of that has been put on hold. This leaves an interesting void.

    On a more practical level, I now have the space to get into some better habits. Reading, catch up on things I’ve been putting off, calling friends and family more, meditating, writing daily, finish an online course, planning ahead and organizing, gardening, and working on bettering my self-discipline.

    On a business level, I maintain value for my clients. Having a non-location specific internet-based business option is a blessing in times like these. My side hustles are hurting. I hear postmates, shipt, caviar, and instacart are some of the highest paying delivery apps that are in huge demand of employees right now.

    Not everyone is as fortunate. Brick and mortar businesses will be suffering, workers will be suffering. Everyone is wondering how they can continue making money when they’re stuck at home. What do we do about socialization? How can we work remotely? What kind of internet-based income can I earn? How can I make the best of this? What will I change once this all blows over?

    One this is sure. The way we do business will evolve. I foresee more people opening their own internet-based businesses. Current businesses will offer more virtual and remote options. Voids in the market will be identified and filled in creative ways. As a business professional, I will keep an open eye, mind, and heart on those changes as they occur and do my best to keep ahead of the curve.

  • Kevin

    March 27, 2020 at 10:35 am

    as an Office Broker, i’ve noticed that GateKeepers’ guards are down while they work from home- most seem more receptive to conversations about their Office Lease situation now.

    in my personal life, i’ve subscribed to my good friend Jason Gardner’s month-long Life Coaching service.

    This “down time” might simplify my overall Wealth-Being. The quiet Social scene around town is refreshing. Overall, i’m impressed by Humans’ collective effort to Physically Distance themselves; although i remain relatively untrusting of much of our government- late to prepare + setting up Corporations to bounce back while 60% of our jobs are employed by Small Business. Stay Vigilant, Americans.

  • Julie

    March 28, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    My next professional moves are to: 1) expedite the launch of my online courses and webinars, 2) finish a book project, and 3) urge my 1:1 clients to finish their projects.

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