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Make The Right Decisions To Get Started In Digital Marketing

There is an OVERWHELMING amount of information about what decisions to make for your business to thrive online. This Virtual Mastermind Group is dedicated to cut through the clutter and customize the right one just for you.

This is a special offer that goes along with your free consultation.

Miami Marketing Mastermind Virtual Group special introductory offer of $250/mo.
$97 for your first month. Includes:
"Your Spark in the Marketing Dark" e-Course
  • We meet once a week with a group of local entrepreneurs in Miami and apply results to your business using proven Digital Marketing Methods.
  • Gain an advantage online by being up to date with all the online trends to get your business message to your customers.
  • Includes "Your Spark in the Marketing Dark" an e-Course that shows you how to build a profitable relationship with your potential customers online. $197 Value  Available to all members.

Online Business Practices Are Evolving, And You Must Adapt In Order To Keep Up.

For a long time people have been talking about the importance of marketing your business online.

The internet has not slowed down, it's speeding up...

While more and more online businesses are adapting with the changes. You too can be a part of it!

And since so many people have caught on, there is WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION available on the best practices to communicate with your customers.

Some suggest advertising, others blogging, or video sales letters, or SEO - and there are endless tutorials about how to get started.

Being overwhelmed with so much information may prevent you from making the right decision, costing you valuable resources like attention, money...but most importantly your time.

Because the longer time it takes for you to get started, the more you'll need to catch up!

A Group Dedicated To Find The Right Plan Of Action For Your Business To Thrive Online

The reason why I started this Virtual Marketing Mastermind Group is to get you started, right now, in digital marketing so you can begin to take action.

Because once you do get started, that's when the real lessons and insights about your customers will take place.

This group is dedicated into looking at what your customers expect from your business.

Then customizing  a plan that is suitable for you to communicate the solutions you offer with your customers immediately.

Because once you understand what your customers REALLY want and communicate it to them online - the rest will fall into place.

Your decision-making to get that message to the customers online will begin to open up into more effective choices in your Marketing practice.

This Group Will Guide You In Choosing Right Decisions, Rather Than Making Them For You.

My Name Is Manny Garavito, And This Is Why I Got Into Marketing...

I remember being at my desk as a banker on my first week, when they told me the company will be able to pay for my college tuition.

There was a problem however, they would only pay for it if it was business related...I was a psychology major.

I was on the final term to get my Associates Degree, and they will reimburse my tuition next year if I changed majors. 

Manny Garavito

So the time was just right.

Because of my comfy new position in the bank, I realized it's time to switch over to business...but which department?

I could choose from so many business related skills.

From management, human resources, accounting, finance, and much more...so I went and did my research.

I came across marketing because I Googled *best business manager*.

And a quote from a management consultant and author came up by the name of Peter Drucker:

"Business has only two main functions, marketing and innovation...all the rest are costs."

I was hooked, it made total sense!

Innovation comes and goes for everyone, because everyone gets ideas...but not everyone knows how to market their ideas!

Fast forward...

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from FIU.

But I was still at the same job, doing the same thing...selling loans.

My idea was to make a big virtual comedy club in Miami, so now that I know marketing, I'm going to do it.

But again, another fault occurred, I became a starving artist.

Because everything I learned in Marketing through the education system was meant for the workers mentality, but not for the innovators...

So I shifted and went into the core of what Marketing really is...in its most basic element - Psychology.

Communicating to the Psychology of people seeking solutions.

And the rest was history.

I learned through trial and error, and being hands on to what really counts - the customers.

Now I run a virtual comedy club, MiamiComedy.com and became known with the #1 website on Google from my niche, a strong social media following and daily customers 7 nights a week in different venues all around the city.

My second project, you are reading from, MiamiNetworking.com. Where I gather like-minded individuals and share useful information that allows us to grow in our lifestyles.

Many more projects are underway because of my passion to build relationships and communities through innovation.

An Easy Way To Get Started...And Learn Along The Way

Digital Marketing is easier than you think...

You are just one insight away from making a difference online for yourself and for others.

To get you started on the path we'll take together. I'd like to share with you 4 basics on building a strong digital marketing strategy online:

1. Build Your Online Foundation

2. Create Quality Content That Drives Traffic

3. Get Feedback, Measure and Experiment

4. Optimize and Automate

4 Functions To A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy...

  1. Build Your Online Foundation - so customers can find out easily what you do and verify your credibility. This includes your website and an active social media page.

  2. Create Quality Content - to drive traffic to your website so those that resonate with your message can find out more about you and the solutions you provide.

  3. Get Feedback, Measure and Experiment - see what works and what doesn't by getting feedback. And make it measurable so you know if you're on the right track!

  4. Optimize and Automate - We will find out how to delegate, outsource and automate what is growing your business. And we begin to discover how you can create more value with the least amount of work to build you more leverage and scale your business.

Miami Marketing Mastermind Virtual Group

Meeting a group of individuals for one sole purpose is important for a difference to made.

The Miami Marketing Mastermind will be a group of people headed towards the Digital Marketing realm and make a significant difference...together.

You won't have to worry about going at it alone...you will have a group there to support you along the way in implementing a marketing strategy.

And we will hold you accountable...

We will make sure you are up-to-speed with what you must do in order to thrive online.

The consistency of this group will mold you and your business into the direction you want to go.

A Support Group For Local Business Owners In Miami

The Virtual Miami Marketing Mastermind will meet every week and carry out a strategy for each individual member.

Each member will have their own path towards marketing success, and will be an example for the others in the group.

We will also hold a webinar on some valuable concepts to implement to your strategy as a whole as we take a deep dive into the 4 functions.

Miami Marketing Mastermind

Questions will be taken after every session to clarify the next objectives for all of us in the meetings.

You will see progress in as little as 4 weeks.

Best of all, this meeting will be of locals here in Miami!

So you can interact with people both online and in our Miami Networking events!

This will build new friendships and strengthen your ambitions to be a digital markter based out of Miami!

Welcome to the very first Mastermind in Miami for Marketing!

Flexible And Affordable Memberships

The Miami Marketing Mastermind is a virtual group of local professionals in Miami.

You can access the Mastermind group via Zoom with a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.

We will meet at a set time every week to track our progress and findings.

Every session will be dedicated to build you more and more leverage in making your business goals a reality with the power of the internet.

We will also have the occasional meetup in person for social gatherings.

The membership offers flexible, convenient and affordable prices...

They are all 100% RISK FREE!

  1. 1
    Introductory month for just $97.
  2. 2
    THEN you can join at a discounted monthly membership of $250/mo.
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And If You're Really Serious In Getting Started... 

You can make a 10 month investment of $2,500 to get a whole year access to the mastermind AND get a fully functioning website based on your business with copy included! This is for those who are serious in getting an all-in-one package, where you have everything ready to get started!

After 365 days Mastermind membership will restart with the same discounted annual price.
(Or $60/mo. for web servers and web apps should you choose to cancel.)

If You're Not Satisfied...You Get ALL Of Your Money Back Without Any Hassle

30 day money back

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get beneficial information on how to jumpstart your business with Digital Marketing within 30 days just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

I'm so confident to show you all the valuable information from the Virtual Marketing Mastermind, that you can join a full meeting risk free.

If you don't feel like you've learned breakthrough information to leverage an online business or if it didn't benefit you in any way, I got you covered with my guarantee of ultimate satisfaction.

Important Notice

I don't guarantee that these meetings will make you rich quick. Or that you will be an overnight success. But I do guarantee that you will see digital marketing differently and have a better understanding towards being successful in communicating and attracting customers online. You can grow your business through application and experiential learning.

Bonus e-Course Included! $197 Value

If you want to study how to build a strong online relationship with your potential customers, this offer includes access to "Your Spark in the Marketing Dark". This will guide you with proven ways on making your business profitably on the internet.

Join The Very First Mastermind In Miami Dedicated To Make You A Successful Digital Marketing Expert

To get started in the first and only mastermind in Miami dedicated to make your business grow online... 

Click the button below to choose your plan, monthly or annual membership (with website included). 

Miami Marketing Mastermind Group

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

If You Have Any Questions, You Can Contact Me Directly.

I am very dedicated in your success that I will be accessible to you should you have any questions.

As a local here in Miami, I believe we are positioned in being one of the fastest growing cities in all of the nation, and this is my contribution to that.

If you have any questions about the mastermind, send me a direct email here: manny@miaminetworking.com

"If You Find Yourself Weak In Persistence, Surround Yourself With A Mastermind Group"

Napolean Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich stresses the importance of Mastermind groups.

A group of people dedicated to leverage each other in one direction is essential to get there quickly and effectively.

People with guidance and support are unstoppable in achieving their pursuits, and this Mastermind is an example of the changes that will come to your professional life once we've implemented a strong marketing strategy for all of its members...including you. 

“Deliberately Seek The Company Of People Who Influence You To Think And Act On Building The Life You Desire.”

A group of people working in harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. - Napolean Hill

Here's a "What You Get" All Wrapped Up.

  • Access to the first virtual Mastermind Group in Miami dedicated to making your business thrive online
  • Weekly meetings via group chats
  • Deep understanding of you, your business, and your customers
  • ​A supportive group that will hold you accountable on your marketing practices
  • ​A quick implementation strategy that gets you started communicating with your customers immediately
  • Flexible membership prices with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
Your Spark in the Marketing Dark

"Your Spark in the Marketing Dark" e-Course Included with Mastermind enrollment.
$197 Value.

30 day money back

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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