Meet the Makers of Miami Event

Sunday September 18th 12PM Noon

We are bringing together and introducing all the locals that are making a difference in Miami. Think you might be one of us? Join us!

  • Discuss what you think about Miami, its past, present and future
  • Share the skills you naturally have to make Miami a better city
  • Meet your local community and build meaningful relationships
  • Network with conscious locals, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives
  • Whether it is through personal, business, or social...anyone can making lasting changes possible if we surround ourselves with the right people.

    We are organizing the minds who are seeking to make an impact with the rising opportunities happening in the Magic City.

    Meet the Makers of Miami is all about activating us and our communities to become the best version of ourselves and making a change for good.

    Hi, I'm your host Manny Garavito

    I am a coach, virtual comedian, and edutainer.

    I started Meet the Makers of Miami in 2020 as a Miami Networking project while we were stuck indAoors during the pandemic.

    It was fun, and I met a lot of great locals. The discussions were proactive, I made some new friends, and the connections were made for all in attendance.

    When venues started opening up again I went back to work on my comedy project Miami Comedy.

    Now that Miami seems to be fully back on track, I would like to call all the locals to join me for another virtual get together and have a discussion about what a post-pandemic Miami is like for you.

    I look forward to meeting you.

    Any questions? Get in contact with me:

    Email: manny@miaminetworking.com