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Our Inaugural Digital Marketing Jumpstart is an Exclusive Networking Event and Workshop for Entrepreneurs Learning to Master Online Business.

There are two important functions for a business...innovation and Marketing.

According to Peter Drucker: all the rest are costs.

If you understand the importance of keeping your knowledge tank full for business success, then this is an event that has you in mind. No pun intended.

Lots of networking events miss out on the opportunity to learn from each other.

And the opportunity of using this leverage is wasted.

We are straying from the typical gathering to talk and pass out business cards, and going 100% virtual to do network learning.

Digital Marketing Jumpstart is how we can collaborate to fine tune our understanding on one of the most "future proof" skills in business: Marketing.

There are many misconceptions about it...and there's different ways to do it.

However, if we all collaborate in mastering it, we can get a better understanding on how this online practice matches our intended goals.

Hi, My Name is Manny Garavito

I was a corporate banker for 10 years of my life and decided to pursue a dream of starting an online business...

Out of all the kinds of businesses possible, I decided to start an online virtual comedy club!

Crazy I know, but all beginnings are, one way or another...

I graduated from FIU with a degree in Marketing and quit my comfy office job to make this wacky dream happen.

Quickly, I became a starving artist because what I learned about Marketing did not help in making a passion project become profitable.

I was also surrounded by nay-sayers, those who kept saying I shouldn't have quit my job to do this, because stand up comedy is a silly career and there is no way to make a living from it.


I almost believed them...

My biggest breakthrough happened when I ventured off and pursued a journey on personal education and became mentored in Marketing.

Manny Garavito

Because of this decision I started the first Virtual Online Comedy Club in Miami (MiamiComedy.com).

Now I have a track record of having produced thousands of weekly comedy shows in bars, lounges and theaters.

I've even starred in documentaries on Amazon Prime, been written in local articles and became an influencer in the comedy industry.

And all I did was meet the right people, educated myself through useful information, and acted when I saw an opportunity.

I Believe ANYONE can do this...

and if you'd like to make your story of lasting changes in how you make messages about your business online, I invite you to start here with us.

We are growing to become an online community who are proactively seeking to make connections and assist each other in our endeavors.

All lifestyles are welcome to join!

Digital Marketing Jumpstart is a welcoming and easily accessible group that understands we are all different, and we can all come together to mix and match skills.

So Save the date!

Sunday, June 28th Noon til 5PM.

I look forward to meeting you!